$10,000 vs $1,000 Dirt Bikes!

$10000 vs $1000 Dirt Bikes!

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  1. I've been driving for 37ish years , and all i have got to say is that really those bikes are sh-t. even the ''10,000'' dollar one

  2. Can i pls have your electric dirt bike Andrew PLS

  3. I'm getting too bro it's my first year getting to my second I'm pretty good I can't clear Hunter Temple but probably 9 ft I don't know how big of a jump I'm about to clear your butt it's big I think it's like 70 ft

  4. I was just wandering who pays for the plinko board challenges

  5. I've wanted a dirt bike they look so fun

  6. Bro what do you mean I can’t spend 800 dollars on gear my boot alone is 800 dollars

  7. Why dint they just take out the limiter on the razor and the surron

  8. That hurt my feelings when Andrew said he hates motorbikes as I race them in competitions

  9. Get some old cheap 125 2 strokes and learn on those you'll be jumping in no time

  10. instead of having a really cheap budget there should ne a 20k 5k and a 10k

  11. I have a surron they’re fun until they start to break hit the most reliable bike

  12. Justin you a g bro just some practise man i wish i could come and show you guys how to ride i am 15 and ill ride that 250 like its noting😂😂💪

  13. Make an Ice Hockey video budget challenge.

  14. sorry to that guy but if u ever give that bike away can i get it ?

  15. You guys should make a video about the coolest rc cars battle😎

    In isac’s case I would have get a Losi promoto rc dirtbike

  16. The reason Justin kept falling over is because he was grabbing the front brake while trying to turn and kept sliding the front tire

  17. he kept falling bc he pressing front brakes not back.

  18. 13 years old, been racing for 6 years been riding for 10

  19. I don’t race but I ride and it’s so much fun once you get the hang of it! But you guys did grate and crashing is just apart of the experience

  20. Stand up and also have you I was out basic tips

  21. Who won the clutch and then put on your phone point

  22. Why is nobody buckling new helmets? Or🤦‍♂️

  23. You should do the same thing, but with quads

  24. I like that bike my dad would love to buy it
    of you

  25. I have my own TT are 50 I’m only a kid and I called a really big jumps I’m just learning how to do wheelies

  26. I’m 9 and I can go 50mph on a dirt bike you should feel embarrassed

  27. Do you think I could get the honda crf 250 dirtbike I like fixing and racing bikes.

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