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  1. Can you please the a 🏍️ meet at st

  2. Hiiiiii plsssss pinnnn nn. Big fannnnnnnnn from. Bahrain

  3. Selfish players making bot account to get the limiteds no more now thanks a lot to those players damn noobs

  4. People it is offsale so u cant get the Ugc limited helmet anymore

  5. The Limited UGC helmet is gone now forever 😢😔😭 i didn't get to finish the Event i got the helmets in the city,desert,mountains, races, i had nine left

  6. Bro posted it after it was gone (btw i am a fan just had to say it)

  7. Wow thats so hard find Moto Helmet but i Got My Moto Helmet!

  8. I need 9 more but it's sold out . I'm sad😭😭😭

  9. kristinacats13 kristnacats13@gmailcom says:

    I got the helmet😊😊😊😊

  10. I’ve already completed the dealership it was about like 1.6m

  11. I say this isn’t fair as I’m from Asia and as soon as o woke up it was sold out

  12. SPOLIER ALERT :the helmet is bad for your avatar so bad lol : and this guy is cheating that’s how bad he is i know because he is not making eye contact on his computer that much lol this guy is the worst

  13. I have 80 but I dint got ànything please fix this bug my user is : asd_impro

  14. I'm a fan of you so yooo this update in CDT Is sick!

  15. um brian can you give me 8milions in car delearship.i need 8milions for helicopter i swear

  16. Bro I failed to get the helmet and I spend 10 Million dollars on the new dealership and new motorcycles. 🙁

  17. Bro I was trying so hard to get my last helmets but I was too late and they sold out sadly my user:kayking099

  18. The cannnal helmet was the one i needed btw thanks

  19. I didn't get it for 10 helmets 😭😢😮‍💨 can you give me a code for the helmet please if you do that I will be really happy 😊😢

  20. I wish that foxzie to add Honda cg125 in car dealership tycoon

  21. I got them all at the Last 3k left i almost gave up

  22. Noooo iwas studing can you give me 3000rubox ididint get it😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  23. How do you just ignore the horde of cars chasing you

  24. Im the 30k of the 1,5 billion people having the helmet!!!

  25. Pls bro my help in helmet fine in car dealership tycoon pls,….

  26. bro pls dont cut your vids im hella confused where you’re going but I got 50 because the helmets were sold out

  27. I wonder: will FOXZIE add a police bike to CDT?

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