And The Best Milestone Dirt Bike Game Ever Is…

This is the best Milestone dirt bike game ever made in my opinion. To start, we show you a few other games that made the choice difficult. Thank you for any support you show this video. If you enjoyed, make sure to leave a LIKE and let me know which game is your favorite in the COMMENTS!

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  1. i’ve played everything so far and I honestly have the most fun on MSX5, online lobbies are such a good time. I do agree with you on MXGP3 being the beat moto, merge the good of PRO and it’d be solid.

  2. SX1 + GP3 all day Edit: Newer games are stiff, restricted, and numb. It feels like the new games are built in such a way that makes them feel slow and boring. Anything after sx2 and gp3.

  3. Thanks for your initial review on this game. I picked it up today for $1.99 on the playstation store and it's an absolute blast

  4. I agree they need a dirt bike game with more depth. Combine sx and mx. And/or take a note from fifa and nhl games where you can play in different leagues. Would be nice to race in the ama motocross series, or the Canadian cmrc, or other series from around the world. Maybe include enduro cross, and some hare scramble races. More tracks, more pros from different places. The games the way they are now are fun but get boring quick. A game with more tracks, bikes, pros would make a much easier sell at full price.

  5. I think mxgp 3 is the best but theres a lot of bugs that ruin it, like sometimes you just freeze in the air and also if you lean to much in the corners you just explode

  6. Supercross 3, or mxgp 3 for console dirt bike games. Ever since i started MX bikes and got good enough to do laps i havn't been able to play the arcade games

  7. I personally enjoy mxgp pro and supercross 3 the most so far

  8. if your a first person gamer stuck on console…..
    mxgp21 and supercross 5

  9. Idk I just play sim on arcade physics

  10. So pretty much what your saying is every single on of them is the best?

  11. Ok let’s get this out of the way. Mxgp 21 is my absolute least favorite. It seems like they took the handling to boat status and your rider likes to ditch the bike for no reason

  12. MXGP 3 is the favorite because it was the only different game with a unique physics engine. Milestone has used Unreal Engine for too long and pumped 2 games per year out with minor changes. If they are going to continue to make games, they need to slow their pace to 1 game a year or so, and either make big changes with Unreal Engine or explore a different physics engine. They know what we want; we've been asking for it since MESX2 and MXGP Pro.

  13. had a lot of fun races online for mxgp3 and met some funny guys to play with, trying to find that again

  14. These are all dog shit, bring back reflex and remaster it! Simple as that with real tracks and real bikes and DL content

  15. i still play this game to this day sometimes u just need some mxgp3

  16. Mxgp 1 was my life. We just bought ps4s after having 360s. Man that jump was amazing. Life was good

  17. by far motocross madness 2. all the custom maps/skins and tournaments, best online gameplay ive seen in any game. I remember one tournament, every tuesday youd have to download the new track 30 minutes before the tournament so nobody knew the track. And youd download all the other team's skins so you could see them in the race.

  18. in my opinion the best milestone games are supercross 3 and 4, mxgp 3 and mxgp pro

  19. Supercross 3 for the win ❤️❤️💯…… only thin career is trash

  20. It stinks that they just don’t get better as they go. The game with the best Simulation physics is the most fun for me. Do you want KTF or KTM same goes for the physics and there are plenty of assists for new players

  21. If factory teams were in Supercross 2, it would be the best milestone game. But Supercross 3, that shit good

  22. I can't play supercross 1 because of that dumb whistle i can't turn down in menu or ignore

  23. there used to be this motor cross game way back when that had like an arena that was a tar pit and had an electric one and i cannot remember the name

  24. I weit for the new mxgp and supercross

  25. Can anyone tell me if mxgp3's back wheel looks like it's not moving at the right speed, or if it's just the video on YouTube?

  26. MXGP 3 doesn't have female drives so Supercross 3 is the best.

  27. Why isnt the Best game in here? MTX MOTOTRAX?

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