ATV & Dirtbike Fails you gotta see 2018

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00:10) Rachael Hallack – dirtbike face-plant –
00:22) COwheelieboy – Terrifying dirt bike crash!!!! Nearly hit by car!!! MUST SEE!!! –
00:24) Chris Abriani – Dirtbike stack –
00:42) Matt Acton – Crf150r hard crash –
1:07) Steve Miller Jr. – Bodatious ATV Racing Crash Yamaha YFZ450 Miller ATV –
2:24) Let’s Ride U.S.A – TABLETOP CRASH –
2:50) ORUDEN / Enduro – La TaillHard Xtrem 2017 / L’enfer du Cantal ! Hard Enduro –
2:59) COwheelieboy – Funny dirtbike wheelie crash –
3:08) Maxxis – Milestone mx dirt bike crash (ktm 125sx) –
3:30) urban hillbilly – Brutal atv crash into tree! –
3:47) Dakota Carter –   Dirt bike fail –
3:55) Evann Niesen – Crashed It! –
4:11) WheelsKiller – NEW BIKE | ANGRY GUY | ANGRY FORESTER | CRASH | FAIL | Yamaha YZ 250 F –
4:54) Direct Motocross – Dakota Alix Crash at the KTM Supercross Test Track –
5:05) Alaskan dual sport – 14 year old crashes motorcycle –


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All clips in this video are only intended for educational purposes and as learning tool for riders. Ride safe – KR


  1. How stupid must one be to sit in middle of track after wipeout….. sure force someone else into your drama field…😅😂😅😂😅😂😂😂

  2. That guy was check this out dude,, I’m gonna sail then bail.

    Taking soil samples for an environmental impact study.

  3. These people are certainly at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to brain cells.

  4. A mix of hillclimbs and crazy trails are best

  5. At 5:56, why did he let off the throttle, he should have gunned it if he was trying to jump it, but then again, that’s how you learn. I learned the hard way myself!

  6. What a bunch of non riding dumbass pussies with all the money spent and can't ride worth a fuck. 😂😂😂.. 🖕🏼🖕🏼

  7. LoL. Idiots on parade 🤣🤣🤣 😂 👍

  8. the first one the dumb ass didn't wear a helmet.

  9. Adults:: aaaahhhhfffpphheeewwaaa
    Kids: is my bike ok

  10. This vid reminds me why i hate very long grass

  11. When I jump and fail I get up instantly from momentum

  12. Mommy, look at all those crash dummies 🤔

  13. 0:23 this makes the die inside and out, his knee is bloodied and ripped, oooooooooooh my god.

  14. Me watching this just got done getting my stitches taken out and sold my bike 😭😭

  15. Helmet cams are the worst ever for good footage…….

  16. My first motorcycle accident occured when i rode for the first time. Blew a turn and tumbled into a ditch. A sprained right hand and a few scrapes were the result. If i was a heavier rider and going faster, chances are I could have dislocated my wrist. The pain sank in after twenty minutes.

  17. this is probley why my body is fked and im 32 years old lol most this happend to me when used to ride now i got ebike so now im smartrer lol

  18. bro never sit down while jumping 🙄hahaha

  19. "You aight? Well, let's get to findin' them teeth."

    Yeeee booeey!!!

  21. Some 'fails' must have left people injured, perhaps seriously. | think its unkind to show their misfortune.

  22. 3:46
    Check this Neanderthal out. Not one bit of safety gear on and playing snakes and ladders with a forest…. 🙄

  23. Most of these rider riders suck, they have no skill

  24. Idiot number 1 and 2 are probably my favourites- this video started with a good laugh.

  25. This is the worst riders I have ever seen 🤦

  26. I hate idiots that say "you ok" the second something happens. Give it a minute buddy.

  27. “Whiskey throttle! On a brand new bike. Oak tree you’re in my way”………..

  28. Why TF is my comment disappearing?

  29. if he was wearing a helmet, that fender could have been damaged. disaster averted

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