ATV & Dirtbike Fails you gotta see 2018

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00:10) Rachael Hallack – dirtbike face-plant –
00:22) COwheelieboy – Terrifying dirt bike crash!!!! Nearly hit by car!!! MUST SEE!!! –
00:24) Chris Abriani – Dirtbike stack –
00:42) Matt Acton – Crf150r hard crash –
1:07) Steve Miller Jr. – Bodatious ATV Racing Crash Yamaha YFZ450 Miller ATV –
2:24) Let’s Ride U.S.A – TABLETOP CRASH –
2:50) ORUDEN / Enduro – La TaillHard Xtrem 2017 / L’enfer du Cantal ! Hard Enduro –
2:59) COwheelieboy – Funny dirtbike wheelie crash –
3:08) Maxxis – Milestone mx dirt bike crash (ktm 125sx) –
3:30) urban hillbilly – Brutal atv crash into tree! –
3:47) Dakota Carter –   Dirt bike fail –
3:55) Evann Niesen – Crashed It! –
4:11) WheelsKiller – NEW BIKE | ANGRY GUY | ANGRY FORESTER | CRASH | FAIL | Yamaha YZ 250 F –
4:54) Direct Motocross – Dakota Alix Crash at the KTM Supercross Test Track –
5:05) Alaskan dual sport – 14 year old crashes motorcycle –


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All clips in this video are only intended for educational purposes and as learning tool for riders. Ride safe – KR


  1. People keep asking you ok? Hell no Just had An accident

  2. 0:17 honestly I feel like that car that honked its horn is the reason that person ate shit as they started to freak out when they honked there horn

  3. 3:50 You would have hit the tree anyway. No need for excuses it on tape.

  4. These crashes where very scary but yet is it bad a laughed at a few of them?

  5. The third clip… never land with straight legs

  6. half the people on here dont even have helmets every rider should wear a helmet and safety gear cause this is a serious dangerous sport

  7. I hate it when you're trail riding and those damn trees run out in front of you and stop you dead in your track's!!

  8. kx riders always get their bike up
    honda riders are always the nicest
    ktm riders normally you don’t see much
    yamaha riders do all the stupid stuff and say “yah i’m awesome” after faceplanting into the dirt

  9. When I was a kid, the only thing I was worried about after busting my ass was how bad my bike was f’d up.

  10. Yeah I'm awesome at the end is priceless

  11. 1 Peter 5:7 in the Bible: Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you

  12. Ephesians 5:4 in the Bible: nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving

  13. John 3:3 in the Bible: Jesus replied, very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born again

  14. Learning to ride….. what else combines fun and pain we keep going back for like motocross?

  15. When asked if he was ok he dint not reply

  16. The last guy should have pushed his weight back and land on the rear tire

  17. I just love to watch stupid people do really dumb shit

  18. Last kid just has that send in him. Natural born. of course he's fine even if his bones are sticking out. Gotta make sure that bike is good to do it again.

  19. Soooo many goon riders in this vid……lol

  20. Those squids need to stick to walking !!!

  21. Sheesh that fender in the beginning sounded like it was built tough

  22. Racing motocross last moto of the day, hottest day of the year that day.Last lap and I'm in 5th and going for 3rd place finish.All I have to do is clear two sets of doubles approx 90 or so feet because the two riders in front of me I know aren't going for it.I know it's possible on a 450 but I'm on a 250i.Go big or go home right?
    The run up for take off is good enough ,it's not straight but the turn is doable 5th gear pinned and I'm confident I'll make it no problem.
    As I come out of the back 40 heading into the corner right before launch I'm giving it all she had.
    Everything's smooth,I'm lined up,got my line up the face,3rd place is mine.
    All of a sudden ,15 feet before the face my bike disappeared.
    Turns out that never in the 3 days of that weekend did anyone ever water that section of track,,ever,until right before I came hauling azz on that last lap. Before I could comprehend wtf happened to my bike I face planted and soil sampled that track haaarrd.When my face bounced off the ground and I looked up in the direction of where I was flying out of controll,all I saw was a tree.
    Then my bike landed on my leg almost breaking it but I had to roll my body over so I wasn't facing the tree when I hit it because I was going to hit it square on but I was trying to tuck into the fetal position so I wouldn't get decapitated. Somehow I managed to tuck my upper body in enough that when I hit the tree,I hit it with the back right side of my head only.It knocked me out for 8-12 minutes and broke my helmet front the bottom left side right behind the ear,all the way to the too center of the helmet.I don't mean cracked,it was completely broken, outer shell and ever protective layer on the inside was torn wide open.My bike was a total Wright off also.Went to the hospital and showed the doctor my helmet they did a cat scan and saw i had brain bleed.After stapling my head up the doctors kept me over night and put my bed right beside the desk where all the doctors were so I could be monitored all night.After talking to the doctor the next morning he told me he's never seen or anyone else he knows of has seen that much damage to a helmet and the person that was wearing the helmet lived.I watched the doctor randomly ask other doctors if they ever saw a helmet in the condition mine was in and if the person could survive in their own opinion and they all said there's no way whoever was wearing my helmet survived,until the doctor pointed at me and said he's alive and sitting right there.
    To me it wasn't a big deal util you hear from everyone that you should be dead.
    Someone was there that day and helped me to roll over enough to survive.Bless you all and have a wonderful day.

  23. Worst video ever didn’t even make it half way through absolute garbage

  24. It's a good thing that guy in the 1st one wasn't wearing a helmet.
    He probably would have banged it all up.

    The guy in the last one that said after he crashed;"I'm AWESOME!!!"
    I wanna party with that dude!😁😂🤣

  25. I feel bad for the second guy. That truck had no business honking the horn at him. Buddy probably bailed solely because he thought he was going to hit oncoming traffic.

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