Best Christmas surprise reaction ever! 5yr old Kid gets first dirtbike for Christmas present! #pw50

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This was jayces first dirtbike. A FREE pw50 I scored right before Christmas of 2018! We spent the next few weeks fixing it up, thing looked great when we were done!

His big sister already had a dirt bike and he wanted one in the worst way. For those wondering, his sister also had a great Christmas that year! Her “Big” gift was a new Full size bed and a hand made head board I made her. Unfortunately, not every moment can be caught on camera.

Thanks for watching!


  1. A Yamaha is a great first bike that’s wut mine was

  2. I remember when I was three and my grandpa gave me a dirt bike 😂😂

  3. Be grateful! That was my plan for my kids aswell . Great minds think alike . Peewee50 all the way man . Would have got one if I didn’t get hit with child support

  4. That kid is so happy 😊 I love that tell him to keep riding forever

  5. I got a dirt ike a little bit bigger than that when i was like 8. A few years later it got stolen right out of my back yard

  6. One happy boy
    He knows how to sit on in correctly

  7. And here is the story of a new dirt bike rider! Awesome lil dude have fun with it.

  8. I Remember when my dad got me one too I was a litter older than this but it’s still very cute

  9. Look at the little baby boxer just comes in hahah

  10. Is it me or did bro just run to the gift like he saw his real dad

  11. I remember me as a little kid getting an electric dirt bike🥰 but now that im older i got a real one☺️♥️

  12. Só pode ser primazia porque ele pequenininho

  13. Mas ele fica tão lindo na motoca

  14. Que bonito el regalo del niño pero la niña no le dieron regalo debieron también pensar en ella

  15. ❤🎉😊 💋♥️💕💌🩷❤️🤑😎🌹🥹💘💝💞💓💗💖😚🥺🥳🤩😍🥰🌹😘💖💗💓💞😚🎉💯🥰😘😚😍🤩🥳🥺

  16. Sis looked to the side like where's mine 😢 💔 hope she gets the Barbie jeep for next vid😅

  17. I love it wao thank you daddy he say it soo beautifuly he joy was great .😊❤❤🎉

  18. Девченка расстроена…

  19. Q if you wanted it I'm glad he got it

  20. They should have gotten one for the girl to, I remember when driving my daughter to school she said I wish for a motorcycle on a low voice ,then she said whay boys get motorcycle and girls don't,and I say that's not true,then she say so can I get one,I say yes,wow, she came alive screaming ,and I think the problem is that girl's don't ask cause in there minds think is for boy's,i mean they see males on the road With females holding on, let's change the equation,help them stay females and have the bike too,they don't need to change them self to have a bike, blessings from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

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