Best of FMX Best Trick – Nitro World Games

FMX Best Tricks Results:

1) Gregg Duffy
2) Pat Bowden
3) Josh Sheehan
4) Harry Bink
5) Marc Pinyol
6) Will Van Den Putte
7) Jackson Strong
8) Taka Higashino

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  1. Subscribe my chanel.. lots of exciting content content👍

  2. I just seen there are 111 thumbs down I mean come on how could anybody not like or atleast appreciate that dude done his thang

  3. Anyone remember crusty demons, it was insane

  4. This is too easy. What is the hype behind all this?


  6. 96 for a double backflip on a motorcycle?? What else do you have to fucking do to get a hundred

  7. Ad yng dri indonesia😂😂like nya donk

  8. chou 👏👏👏👏👏👍

  9. Einfach nur verrückt, einfach saugeil 👍👌

  10. สุดยอดไปเลยครับ

  11. how strong are the rib all this guy has , just watching this make me hard to breath

  12. The fucking balls on these dudes are a mix of granite and gold

  13. สุดๆ จริงๆ รายการนี้

  14. Remember when a knack knack and a heel clicker was unbelievable? Seems like yesterday Kiddo

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  16. You guys should have a dirt bike wheelie competition.

  17. Woooww,i really need a bike so I can learn. 😀😀😀

  18. Woooww,i really need a bike so I can learn. 😀😀😀

  19. Que sicópata eso fue super increíble


  21. Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved

  22. Really great performance appreciated to all participants 🙏

  23. I know defiantly Bruce watch this and he happy about double front flip

  24. “When I looked up and realized I was still alive I felt so great” 😅😂

  25. C génial on kiff non jrigole tu pu vas manger des zézette si tu sors de ta moto ta mère c une putd

  26. Why is ufc and nba mainstream this is absolutely mind defining

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