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Dirt Bike: Winter Sports Racing
by Double Tap
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Dirt Bike: Winter sports is a racing game that will exceed your expectations, even more so if you’re already a big fan of moto racing games. Immediately as you enter the game you will notice the unbelievable graphics and physics that make it truly stand out from similar games on the Google Play Store.

Difficulty and levels

If you are willing to give dirt bike a try then you need to know how to be play most successfully behind the throttle. When you star you’ll need to choose a motorcycle and then start career mode. The challenge of this exciting and addicting xtreme sports game is to master the control over the motorbike in order to get rewards and higher payouts that will help you to unlock some new rides. If you find yourself short of cash then replay your favourite tracks.

Difficulty and challenges

The Motorbike Racing game contains 15 levels of increasing difficulty and length, specially designed to test your skills and gaming abilities. Avoid crashing the bike too much otherwise you’ll have to pay your winnings to fix the motor, leaving you with less cash for new bikes

Epic rides are waiting for you, so get this cool racing game app on Google Play Store by downloading for free. Enjoy it and share with your friends!


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