I went mountain biking on the coolest race track in Descenders! This was definitely one of the most satisfying maps I’ve played in the game. It’s quick, flowy, and all the jumps are spaced apart perfectly. 10/10! Hope you guys like this video. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. This iz coolest trackI AGREE!. the tracks are so cool

  2. there is a normal map that is cooler than this but the same track

  3. If you want Sam's gear the code is icefoxx

  4. You should start putting the code in the description for the map

  5. i just watched the cringest stuff ever, bro was fosho a nerd (not talking baout sam, i am talking about a vid i just watched before this, sams vids are soooo good)

  6. bro I love Sam so much
    if u do too

  7. Please play the rockstory house thing

  8. U know island cake walk is just a day version of a built in map but i forgot what it is called

  9. that map is really nice and looks nice if you play it right.

  10. Where i can get the game and do i have to play it on console or from steam?

  11. Are you Cristian do you believe christ died for you

  12. Sam, I can watch in your descendants videos, for 3 years

  13. That copy of you sam was me and i vividly remember saying Hey that another verion of me 😂
    Me just now seeing the vid 😂

  14. My name is Casey to hi Casey and I’m your biggest fan I love you and your videos

  15. You should do a video of BMX racing irl. Or MTBing. It would be cool to see a bike gamer ride irl

  16. what is that weird twitching when in air?

  17. I have been trying my hardest to get back in the game

  18. 11:43 he said I can’t talk but he still talking 😂😂😂😂😂 but I love him very much❤❤❤❤

  19. I’m inspired by you that’s why I want to make YouTube videos

  20. Keep up the good work Sam your videos are a banger respect❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


  22. Thank you for playing my map hopefully you enjoyed

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