BMX Dirt: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Minneapolis 2019

Watch the FULL BROADCAST of the entire BMX Dirt event that just went down LIVE at X Games Minneapolis 2019.


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  1. What does using zoom to do the zoom thing on the zoom meeting 📅 thing mean for me and

  2. I only got 2 riders in and turned off , poor guys went down hard 🥹

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  5. 3:19 Who brings a new born to things like this, poor baby is probably not enjoying that😂 lease let then be able to walk and not breast feed them stillAlso.. Im not a bmx rider, so please keep that in mind. But how do they keep barspinning with the wire breaks there? Do they just turn one way then go back the opposite?

  6. Kkkkk brasileiro é foda kkkkkkk,"vai guriiii"😂😂

  7. exelente video y deporte dios los bendiga🌍🎧♥💜💛💚💙💞💝🙇👋

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