BMX Dirt: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Minneapolis 2019

Watch the FULL BROADCAST of the entire BMX Dirt event that just went down LIVE at X Games Minneapolis 2019.


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  1. Please tell me why they all are dressed like they were going to buy food in the supermarket. No sponsors, no protections…

  2. Anyone else remember when xgames bmx had runs twice as long? twice as many jumps? this is xgames on training wheels

  3. Would love it if they didn't have so many breaks…
    But love the riding

  4. Man they seemed to defy gravity when they do those high flips

  5. Could of sworn godzieks first trick first run was a 1080. Not sure why Scotty called it a 720

  6. Lol Doyle never there for commentary… hope they aren’t paying him much

  7. 40:23 “Be sure to cool off with a Prostate”!… Thats some good Bacon. Smacking his lips, Gross.

  8. They make these courses so the speed is too little and people therefore cant boost high.

  9. Boa tarde galera do esporte radical gostei muito do belo chow .tem muitos garotos bom nesse esporte. Nota dez valeu galera linda vocês se garante no belo trabalho sensacional ok estão de parabéns valeu.

  10. hoppas att de inte är drogad med artificiel intelligens så att någon kan blockera deras hjärnminne och krocka,

  11. you guys are excellent. We Vietnamese cannot do that. you guys are amazing

  12. 🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻🙌🏻❤🙌🏻🙌🏻❤❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤❤🙌🏻🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤🙌🏻❤❤🙌🏻

  13. I like this video bc Ryan Williams is in this video just gotta look closely

  14. great job for the enginners of audio and video too.!! and full level and power of each one of the bikers 💥💯

  15. When did casing a landing start being called tagging it?

  16. Z przyjemnością się David'a ogląda w akcji!

  17. I remember when Tony hawk did the 1st 1080 on skateboard

  18. Did anybody notice when the second guy fell in the bleachers Ryan Williams was sitting there

  19. ประกาศิต แป้นไม้ says:

    จักรยาน BMX มึงจำกันได้รึไม่นัฐบาลไทย รับไม่ได้กับความอัปยศ ของพวกมึงอะดิ

  20. how was loupos's first run better than godziek's?

  21. This video had more breaks in it than a kit kat

  22. Tutti impegnatissimi e allenatissimi pe FASSE MALE

  23. I think that in these kinds of competitions more protection should be worn like in the 90s 2000s when mat hoffman or denis macoy competed etc etc because they were dressed as if they were on the street in a competition as risky as this.

  24. Какой же мерзкий у вас язык и произношение!!!! Сатанинское всё!!!!!

  25. Neal amr stong.
    นีล อาร์ม สตรองค์

  26. เงียบเสียง ลงหน่อย.

  27. Recuerdo que esto lo transmitían en la tele abierta, mas concreto en el canal 7, para que yo no molestará y estuviera tranquilo, mi mamá me ponía a ver esto y las carreras de autos, sin saber que despetaria en mi una de mis más grandes adicciones, autos y deportes extremos, ella falleció el año pasado y le doy las gracias, por darme algo porque recordarla además de todo su cariño y las buenas lecciones que me dejó🥰

  28. Loupus was still on the ground and martin was receiving the golf medal 😕

  29. Theses guys are doing backflip tail whips as easy as I was doing them on Matt hoffman bmx game on ps2 😂

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