BMX Dirt: HIGHLIGHTS | X Games 2022

Watch the spoiler-free, recap highlights of BMX Dirt at X Games 2022!

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  1. get these commentators good mics and never call a down table a dark side pls

  2. to logo KFC na plecach Dawida… Tylko szkoda że Dawid jest vege, sam mówił.

  3. These are the best jumps x games has had in 8 years

  4. I wish they didn't grade cash rolls and double backflips so high, I feel like a double downside 3 is way more pleasing and technical to watch. They always reward hucking over technical.

  5. I love how the BMX community are embracing the LGBTQ community with all the Freddie Mercury mustaches

  6. Dawids trick is the craziest BMW trick I have ever seen

  7. 720 resolution on these highlights…. c'mon xgames

  8. I really don't wish to be mean, but it is insufferable to listen to Chris Doyle. He's not suited for commentary.

  9. Me who couldn’t even clear the jumps

  10. Back in 2000 when I started riding, if someone landed a double backflip or a double tail-whip, there was a good chance that person would win the competition.

    But now, everyone is pulling those moves, along with tricks that just don't make sense to me.

    BMX truly has become gymnastics…

  11. Lol monster girl running after bikers w umbrella so rediculous

  12. Bring back the trails competitions like Empire of Dirt…..all it is nowadays is how many tailwhips, barspins, or flips you can do. There was one turndown in that whole video!

  13. Best X Games ever! Next time you guys can borrow my cell phone for filming, it takes much better quality video than this.

  14. Squeaky brakes…..can’t dial your bike? Zero….

  15. X games is so much better when it’s all in once place and there’s a hyped crowed at night

  16. Now this was a fun competition to watch. LOVE the jam format as well. The riders killed the course. Nice job to the course designers as well.

  17. As much as I love bmx dirt, the mtb guys have been killing it recently, making bmx look a bit dull

  18. David is amazing. That was incredible. Monster needs to teach their employees and riders some manners.

  19. That was some high level riding, goodness. I really liked the course too, fast, huge. Downhill is the way to go for that.

  20. Truck driver with a late tailwhip should be called a jack knife

  21. Checkout my page with my new bmx video thats 30 mins🚨

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