Boot Lake: Dirt Bike Park Tutorial | ROBLOX

Welcome to an unofficial NO BS tutorial of Boot Lake: Dirt Bike Park
**UPDATE** – Clutch is no longer required to shift! (Just press e or q respectively)
Some commands not mentioned:
Shift + C = Freeze frame – freezes you in your current spot and puts you into freecam, good for getting whip & group pictures.

Game Link:
Game Discord:

Filmed and edited by: 1NICK23
Thumbnail by: Matt Boi
Rider: umpireboy
Voice: umpireboy
With a special thanks to: Mabel, Ryan, mlcool123456, Ethan, and Fishy


  1. My laptop couldnt handle this game. I currently have my keyboard plugged into my phone..

  2. For some reason this game gives me motion sickness.

  3. i cant move with my bike how can i move ??

  4. Everywhere I search why it's not coming out I said boot lake Mobile is not coming out

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