Brayton wins Men’s Moto X Racing gold

Justin Brayton wins gold in Men’s Moto X Racing at X Games L.A. 2013


  1. What was the race where the guy won with an illegal bike?

  2. What's the point in this in the x games its just a load of has beens and mod pack racers

  3. Omfg that was fuqing amazing best mx i have ever seen!!!!!! Fuq!!!!

  4. this should be called arenacross not moto x.. but whatever lol. good racin!

  5. Fucking arenacross… Why would they make such shit for xgames it's fucking xgames it's post to be crazy tbh they shouldn't even give medals out for this bs

  6. Good racing bad track and really bad on xgames part xgames just gets worse and worse


  8. it would be interesting if villopoto's was there

  9. Такой облом на последнем круге

  10. what bikes are used? 2stroke or 4stroke? and CC volume?

  11. Seriously? You should be able to easily tell. For this they almost exclusively use 450f, with some 250f. For freestyle and enduro they will also use 250 smokers

  12. Seriously? To me, not having all the big name winners is what makes this refreshing (I know Reed is a big name, but hey he hasn't really been winning lately…)

  13. I dont know because they havent had one of these in a while because there is SX and AX.

  14. This race was like the best race I've ever seen! It was so close!

  15. people be like " football is an exciting game", please….

  16. If you can't tell whether its a 2 stroke or 4 stroke by the sound, you're gonna have a bad time.

  17. Bray10 looks like old days at arenacross

  18. supercross does not get any better than this, top racing guys ( greetings from OZ)

  19. Well done brayton 🏆🏆🏆

  20. would much rather hear these guys announce supercross

  21. One of the best battles ive seen ever

  22. Dirty. Hill was the real winner. He rode flawlessly. Anybody can run into someone. If you're going to block pass DONT RUN INTO THEM.

  23. That's what happens when its tite and three guys hook bars with each other because there's not enough room and one guy hits a barrel trying to leave room for the guy next to him,durrh

  24. Now that was an epic race!!! Great riders doing sum good old great bar to bar racing!

  25. I was looking for moto x racing when I searched for this. It tells jus how great my favorite athlete of all time, Travis Pastrana, is when I type in X Games and the first five suggestions are about him.

  26. Blose is the villain in the movie and Brayton the main wins it at the end

  27. There is no penality on this sport? Because the last block seems completely unfair ! He just charge into his opponent to win the race…

  28. This race should of been at the L.A Colosium where supercross started Arenacross sucks

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