call the ambulance?…! 不 #motocross #fail #shorts


  1. Too damn dangerous!!! Not worth it at all!

  2. Do they have the track to themselves? Thats sick

  3. OMG is he OK next time? Be careful in that make me cry. 儭 and motorcycle canter emoji motorcycle kitty Moji.hhhh儭儭 do you need the air bleeds and I believe it if I the fighters and polices they say the day with somebody did something so the earlier video hell just called for help and it was gonna be there to save the day. Love you.手手手手手

  4. Bro is talking so calmly while hes dyingShould I call the ambulance??? YES

  5. I am just going to stay till mum comes for a bandage

  6. I have a broken tibia and fibia on my leg and my ulnar on my arm I was a troop gust like him.

  7. Good work , How else does Dad get his exercise ?

  8. i would be like o shit what the fuck did you do name

  9. Are you taking a shower on a race or practice

  10. Kids thats me usually in the wet

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