Dad Crashes My New Dirt Bike!! (2021 YZ-250F)


  1. Можно бросить все на свете, но сцепление ни когда

  2. He’s not ridden much. The posture, the clutch action and panic are all signs. The kid could have handled that better.

  3. That lil chuckle and turn around 😭😭 he knew he never been on one before 😂

  4. изнасиловал сцепление ещё и газ давит

  5. He didn't crash it. It fell over. Get it right.

  6. He made sure it was safe for everyone around looking

  7. What idiot let's anyone ride their new bike.

  8. This kid probably still brings it up over dinner

  9. Brodie said stop 69 times who agrees with me

  10. Why don’t we start in 3rd gear next time 😅

  11. What exactly was he doing to the clutch? Teasing it?

  12. nunca corte giro em uma 2 tempos e solte a embreagem de uma vez pois essa máquina libera uma força enorme, 😅😅😅

  13. Вот почему нельзя сцепу бросать

  14. Porque se enoja.? Es un estúpido prestando su moto a un novato..

  15. My dad would be the only person I'd allow to demolish my bike without ever screaming "stop!!"

  16. I wouldn’t even care my dad can do whatever I’m sure I got it coming to me for all of the things I f’d up as a kid that he had to pay for.

  17. I’ll bet it had just got financed without insurance too! 😂

  18. Dude ain’t give 2 shits bout dad he worried bout that bike

  19. bro the db is a yz250f ofc bro gone take it to extremely length because is a new db. and for the people saying his bike is more important than his dad just stop commenting 🤦🏽 and he was going like 2 mph so nothing would’ve happened to his dad or it would’ve been some lazy damage like a pebble in the knee or thigh. now if dad was going 20+ mph then he would take it seriously more about his dad then the bike

  20. Man let your dad ride that’s what it’s for buddy

  21. he ent ride shit just trying to be the cool dad to late lol

  22. I love the over confidence in nothing American accent 😂👌it’s your dad dude technically your him 😂

  23. He was not worried for his dad but the bike. That last STOPP! And Shit was sad. You don't deserve a dad punk.

  24. Probably a good idea to lift your foot up off the ground before you decide to floor it

  25. Lucky that wasn’t a two-stroke 250 that bike would’ve flew a lot further

  26. Why are you yelling stop when he is on the ground

  27. Hes ridden a xr80 30 yrs ago. As soon as someone sits on a dirtbike with their ass nearly on the fender i know its gonna be good.

  28. Zrobiłbym dosłownie wszystko żeby mieć taki motocykl. . . 👽✌️

  29. Not sure, but I think if he knew how to stop, he would have stopped.

  30. Dad: don’t worry I rode before
    Him:let’s see 1 second later 💥

  31. I feel bad for the dad for getting hurt and needing to pay

  32. Stop’!!!!

    Dad been on the ground for 3 seconds 😂

  33. Could you possibly stop stop stop then shit n stop 😅

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