Day In The Life – Dirt Bikes at the Beach US Open 2023

We’re Back!! Head over to ​​​​​​​​ to get the New Hats and Clothes before they’re gone!

Film & Edit – Zay Solis


    Jeremy take Keith to Black's Beach. 🤫🤫

  2. Yo that golf clip was painful and hilarious at the same time 🤣🤣

  3. Only dropping a vid when gotta do a merch plug is getting old

  4. Can I come and practice this hobby with you

  5. Really appreciate the killer soundtrack to your videos, I bet that isn't cheap

  6. Need to get rid of berner and put kmk dogs life as the intro other than that been subscribed no sucking needed

  7. Those floaters almost pulled the 360 🤘🏻 nice Twitch is that your first wake surf

  8. The legend is back the best to ever throw his leg over a bike you've been missed

  9. wanky weather haha definitely should put that in more episodes

  10. Why does no one do tricks besides whips and backflips like they used to? Bust out some of the old school tricks guys, they are still cool to see, it doesnt matter if they arent the most challenging to pull off, heart attack, superman seat grab, kiss of death, there are some cool ass tricks we never see anymore…

    Imagine back in the day going pro from just doing whips… hahah

    I think Takas body varial 360 thing, is the coolest trick to be done in recent years

    Wanky talking shtt is hilarious lol.

    And dude Twitch, do something with Ol' uncle Ron hahah, teach him to backflip or something cool like that hahah

  11. As long as you can ride any kind of bike .street or dirt plz keep drop n clips .tnx

  12. Digging the diff camera angles. Being a mx rider. Pov was dope.

  13. If you ever make me wait 5 months for a video again…ur dead. 💀

  14. Been waiting for a new Twitch video it’s finally here. Glad the crew took a break though to have some fun on the boat and chill.

  15. Bout damn time! stay on top of the uploads twitch 😥👈

  16. Please post more love the content and music on the videos keep it up boys!

  17. Do you now Chad Cleveland we rided with you a long time ago because he is my dad

  18. Lol! I saw you guys at the Open after the beer garden.

  19. the music is dope bro. i am glad you still doing your thing. i have been a fan for a long time!!!

  20. Be unreal to hang with these guys taking the piss all day and having fun with it! I fix jets for a living and the jumps these boys do ✊ #whereyourwingsat

  21. You guys have all the fun.😊😊😊 Twitch Spring Valley surf club. Golf not so much 😮😮😮

  22. So sick 🤘🏻 do more day in a life vlogs

  23. hell yeah brother keep ripping i neeed to buy another 450!!!! you got me riding since 05

  24. Twitch your videos are the sheet love the old school messing with everyone just let them have it lol I do the same thing don’t change 😂

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