Dirt Bike Crew Embarrassed Cops in GTA 5 RP

Opie Shaker |

This was so much fun. I really enjoyed my self with this one. We was able to mess around with the cops on our dirt bikes. We was messing around with the am had some challenges. Should we do Round 2?

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  1. This is why u don't want Frenchies help he will kil u and and then he will get shot him self like a idiot lol

  2. Day 3 of asking of my suggestion!

    Suggestion: Why not dress up as a clown (normal one) and tell people funny jokes and If they laugh they could get snipped?
    Maybe by any of your friends
    Probably only need 2 people for sniping????


  3. Elanip, why don’t you play with treyten no more

  4. Elanip hi im 10 love you vids

  5. I miss some of the old buying and selling car vidoes

  6. Best bike you can ever have it bcos i have it ktm dukes 125 its amazing bike so dont talks shit about bcos u cant firve it ….

  7. Day 42 of asking opie for a magical couch/bed

  8. the 2 people who disliked 💀💀💀

  9. Does anybody else think it’s weird that the girl in the red is in a vid now hmm kinds sus huh?

  10. I love this guy he said “this isn’t you tryinna save me is it French” French is funny af 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. he had the crf 250cc and the kl250cc and the ttr Yamaha in this video i know all these dirt bike

  12. can you spawn like cars and bikes in this server

  13. You should make a video of a bulletproof car with a ramp on the front of it so be a bulletproof ramp car

  14. we need more dirt bike videos like off-roading

  15. The actual title: Dirt Bike Crew GETS EMBARRASSED By Cops In GTA 5 RP

  16. Have not watched since 2020 but it always brings joy when I watch one of your videos!

  17. great video bro where do i get a good dirt bike from for fivem? i been looking all day bro

  18. Has anyone heard that I’m pretty sure they added Khybe lane in fortnight

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