Dirt Bike Crew Embarrassed Cops in GTA 5 RP

Opie Shaker |

This was so much fun. I really enjoyed my self with this one. We was able to mess around with the cops on our dirt bikes. We was messing around with the am had some challenges. Should we do Round 2?

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  1. Elanip??? Where’s the Evil Superman video??

  2. How about getting as many as you can..RP biker gang and take over town..love your RPs..cracks me up..

  3. What we need now are more rocket bike vids. Those were fire.

  4. Despite having to skip forward a whole minute to get to the actual video, always love the content!

  5. Does Frenchie have a channel if so I’ll sub to him

  6. Finally a stream style idea made into a video

  7. Elanip ur the best rp gta YouTube I saw in YouTube every vid I see u do I smash that like button I love u 💖 I hope u have good day

  8. always a good video when there's supermotos involved

  9. What you need for dealing with those cops Elanip, is a full auto tazer with a hi – capacity mag.

  10. Heeyyy man what happen to that evil superman vid?

  11. A ktm dirtbike is one of the fastest bikes when it comes to Moto-Cross

  12. Dad can you tell me when your shaker comes out because I pre ordered one but I don’t know when they come out pls tell me love you 🇫🇷🥛🥖

  13. hi I have been a channel member for a very long time but not remember more of a subscriber but I usually don't comment because I just don't usually bother but I've been comment more often

  14. You should make a video where you pretend to be havoc

  15. Mess with the cops in a gillie suit btw love ur vids I’ve been trying to save up and play sum gta rp

  16. I think it so funny how he said can we survive that then dies he says no the answered no we can not survive that I was laffing so hard 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. This is hilarious also! Can you get elite with y'all next time? And, keep Lauren. Yes, maybe do some custom dirt bikes. Where they're stable to drive and have guns on side like the war bikes? Great work Elanip, Lauren, french fries. Awesome video!

  18. Day 6
    Hot wheels car
    Crash then I believe I can fly

  19. Omfg watching this drunk is NEXT LEVEL

  20. Elanip love it keep it up great rp videos are amazing 👏👍🙌😎🍻

  21. I love the carboard vehile do more liake a carboard dirt bike

  22. Day 3 of asking for a Drag Foxbody vid

  23. As a dirt biker I can tell you I love seeing more dirt biking videos

  24. i miss you and trey what happend there? the trolling cops in like the tank that jumps the scarab i think was one of my favourite vids ever man and your old like drag race crashes i loved bro i kinda miss them but your vids are still great.

  25. That green sketchy bike has too many tekkers it can't handle itself.

  26. Love the Dirtbike vids keep doing the hard work and PLZ keep doing dirtbike videos PLZ but keep up the hard work

  27. Can u make the most destructive killing car

  28. I want to see a full map race 3 laps between you trey elite and French to see who the best driver in the city is trey says he runs the city but your way better so we need a all our race to prove once and for all that trey sucks lol 😆

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