Dirt Bike cuts out off Freestyle Ramp (Bad Gas) – Day By Slay #38

First ride back after dislocating my shoulder!
Then we go toe A1 and SD Supercross to put on some FMX shows.
New gear is now available!
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  1. Mikkis a scumbag has all this money and steals a lil kid’s scooter for what?

  2. It’s slay grounds of of mx VS atv!!!😮😂

  3. Mental Madman.
    Australian Fan Madman 🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠

  4. Australian Fan Madman 🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘🤠🦘🦘

  5. is this where the juice world conversations music video was filmed

  6. 7:14 THIS GUY! has the coolest footage ever!! i want his phone!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. BRO DID A JUMP HOLDING A FAND PHONE 🔥😭 I wanna see that video omg that kids gonna cherish that forever ❤ your amazing bro don’t stop doing Doing what your doing I don’t watch moto racing to often but I fucking love Moto Free styling can’t get enough of it 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  8. Bro turned his out bike into a full blown BMX bike

  9. hey this freestyle track is in mx vs atv legends

  10. Landing on top of the seat then into a front wheelie on the same landing while still standing is honestly one of the sickest combinations I have ever seen

  11. This video got me again. Like an earlier video I watched not knowing who it was, thinking this guy's pretty good. Then I saw the Axell. And yeah, he is "pretty good" alright

  12. This man just casually grabbed a spectator's phone, recorded a killer video, and handed it back like if it was a normal day in the office.

  13. Taking that fan's camera and jumping with it, then giving it back? Pure Goodness!!! Way cool.

  14. naaa when he hit that jump and took a selfie mid jump that was hard ashhh🔥🔥

  15. i can't tell are you driving a pit bike or a dirt bike?

  16. I’d be interested in seeing a video of all the selfie videos you and the guys have done in a tour. Like a top 5-10 of each guy.. or if you could get a drone follow-cam. That stuff may already be out there I’ve just been out of the MX scene for so long. When I heard someone was working on an auto-follow drone cam I immediately thought of sports like this. For practice and promotion work. Throw a big inflatable screen up with live feeds from each riders drone as they jump…. Crowds would lose it!! For practice it could really lead to perfecting and even pushing tricks further without taking as many hard falls. I still feel if you could project real-time data, like gear and speed in a heads-up display would be another big step. I was always told ”ya, I down shift to third and just pegged it” or “hit in 4th wide open”. Wide open for your bike not mine dang it…. I would have loved a digital speedometer and maybe even a tachometer for rpm’s and gear indicator. The closest thing to a bike or quad I can do now is just putt around. With my spine injuries if I just go off a curb on a bike I’d end up in bed for a month or more. I have a son that turns two this year and his balance bike might as well have a motor.. he flies around this house picks his feet up and coasts. I told my wife after she saw it for the first time,”you know what this means right?” She said umm, no. “It’s time for one with a throttle!!” She is not ready for it but as long as he keeps yelling for his bike and to watch brrrm-brrms (motorcycles of any racing kind on YouTube) he’ll have something to ride. I told her his birthday is coming…. She cursed at me as she turned bikes back on for him. Stay safe and the best of luck to you and your riding crew. I’m thinking of doing something for him(my son) I’d like to get as many Renthal bar pads that I can. Glue them up on pvc rods and make a track that circles his room at about 3 feet high. The pads going all the way down the walls below the track section. One, to surround him with what he loves, and 2…. He actually practices crashing… we have no clue why but he does. The padding may help reduce the needed drywall repairs as he hits two. You know any guys that ain’t using spares I will not say no to donations.. well unless it’s an autographed one. Those are going to cover his entire bedroom door.

  17. Damn this is so extrem chill i love it no music no long talking keep it up

  18. 1 question how do you know who the phone is to???

  19. That happened to me with the pressure washer it was cheap I'm never buying that type again from my dirt bike I need to change my name That's not my name

  20. How would somebody do a kourterpipe on a pit bike

  21. I was there it must take months of practice to do that good job keep it up

  22. Bad gas? How can that be when you're spoiled with the best of everything?

  23. That shit is crazy need to see the video tho

  24. I love basic tricks man I dont know why…theyre so fluid and beautiful 🙂
    Its like watching a 180 on a board over a flight of stairs

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