Dirt Bike Games You Should Buy in 2023

Let me know which game you guys enjoy the most!!

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  1. Imo Milstone games are better than Mx Vs Atv at least the Ai in Milestone games, no matter the difficulty, hold their lines

  2. Mx bikes kinda is trash. Idk there's a lot worse games but still it's really not all that great either. I definitely feel like its hyped up to be something it really isnt.

  3. supercross 1, 2, and 3 beat any mx vs atv game

  4. what game are u playing in the start of the vid

  5. I was really confused watching videos on the best motocross games, and some peoples list had no MX games. Just Supercross or MXGP3. I was starting to think maybe those MX games weren’t as good as I thought when I was a kid. Thank you for posting this and calling out the milestone meat eaters. MX unleashed is better than every title milestone released

  6. you are the best lol i love it if you want to play the best of the trash try these lol

  7. I wish I could download mx bikes on my ps5

  8. No one ever talks about encore but I got it years ago and time to time I reinstall it and play it but I want a new mx game with amazing graphics and a good first person

  9. I grew up on alive and the wheelies where rlly good

  10. Havent played a motocross game since i was 5 and the ps1 was only just gettin replaced by the ps2. Been wantin to get into a modern motocross game but i just had no idea what ones were any good

  11. Need help! I have a 4 year old that dominates at games like snow runner, Minecraft ,monster jam steel titans, and assassin's creed. He really wants a dirt bike game, but none of these look particularly good for a kid his age. I'm aiming toward mx vs ATV legend but idk. Anyone have suggestions for this clueless momma? Thanks ❤❤

  12. I’ve played reflex on my friends Xbox before and i absolutely hated it, the controls are so weird, my favorite mx/sx console game is supercross encore, it’s just so smooth in my opinion

  13. I made the awful life choice and bought supercross 4 with no research (I ain’t no baller who can just buy 70$ game and if it’s shit, just buy another ) and that decision still has me rattled years later.. don get me wrong, it’s majority definitely a skill (or lack of) related issues but it’s the most frustrating and easiest to crash and go off track game out there it seems and been very close to throwin my controller out the window cause of it almost every time I play it , anyone else felt that way about supercross 4 when it came out and compared to the other games during that time?

  14. I know you don't like milestone but hotwheels is AWESOME. kind of unrelated but still

  15. In terms of Milestone games, MESX 3 and 6 and MXGP 3 and 2021 are the best in the series.

  16. grew up playing mx vs atv untamed, reflex and alive and mxgp2 was my first non mx game and it was TRASH, I hated that game, Threw my $30 in the garbage. A few years later I got mxgp3 and I was relived because it was 10x better then 2. I actually don't mind mxgp3, the rut deformation was good. it wasnt as slow as 2, the tracks could have been better and the whips were a little weird

  17. Dude what u said about legends is 100% fax’s I bought the game when it came out played it for like a month or two and got bored and milestone games are hot dookie so I bought a pc for bikes and sim but reflex will always be the goat

  18. I worked on Reflex (made bikes/gear), so it will always hold a special place in my heart… I still consider it the goat even though we wanted to make so many things better… However I really love racing the pro mx tracks on Legends, and they made hitting corners so much fun… It came out garbage, but is now one of the best mx games for console… Not only that but the potential with this is amazing so people need to give them support… They are a lot smaller studio than what it was when we made reflex so people need to cut them some slack. Milestone is also way bigger and that game really is trash…

  19. Bro shut up el puppy you have not play all supercross and Mxgp games

  20. This video is 110% facts. Personally I think MESX6 is a half decent game but still nowhere near as good as it should be, but the physics are wayyy better than legends. Legends is just too arcady/goofy. However, the content we get on Legends completely wipes MESX6. Having the Pro Motocross series is actually so dope. With MESX6 we aren't getting any extra dlc or content in general. I just remember being a kid and wondering what the games would be like in the future…its all so disappointing.

    But thats just for console. PC is killing it with MX SIM, Bikes, Reflex. Reflex will always be the ultimate mix of arcade with a touch of "realism". i think Rainbow could go in that direction but just won't for whatever reason.

  21. We know we all want reflex. Legends is no where near as good as reflex. No way. But for what legends is, how long have we asked them to build a new reflex or the physics? To support and demand future content. Or even a better game. People are impatient and so greedy about what they want and want to play. But for console specific games who dont enjoy milestone games we embrace what we got. But most are very specific hardcore sim players and some are casual. Thats where the split in the moto gaming community is. I dont care weather or not people criticize the game or embrace it. Theres lots of great games out there way better then legends. Sometimes people need to slow down and just enjoy what we got now.

  22. Hey ell puppy. I’m having a lot of trouble getting into mx bikes. My bikes feels too sensitive and can barley get a lap in. Do you think you would ever do a beginner guide to mx bikes

  23. @elpuppyjr I haven’t touched bikes since me you and Tyler played lol

  24. Mx bikes needs to come to next gen. I dno about ps but xbox has mods so it seems silly not to

  25. dont trash all of the milsestone. mxgp 3, and supercross 1, 2, and 3 are good

  26. this guy is very wrong reflex isn’t good unless you had it when it came out but when you don’t have hours in it and buy reflex in 2023 then u won’t enjoy it mxgp 21 is very good and supercross 3 is very good and legends is probably the best dirt bike game on console

  27. Legends is such trash I had to stop playing after a while just such horrible experience especially the new update

  28. I love mx bikes and legends but reflex was the only mx vs atv i never really played that much so it looks like ill be buyin that for pc

  29. don't forget MX Mototrax, fuckin love that game.

  30. Bruh gp3 is literally one of the best Mx games ever.

  31. Legend physics are much better than reflex, reflex socks and just makes you go insane with frustration falling off all the time

  32. Mxgp3 is one of the best motor cross games I’ve ever played

  33. Well, I actually used to play MTX Mototrax, MX Superfly, MX Unleashed and MX VS ATV Unleashed on PS2. It was a good game actually. And I also played MXGP first game to MXGP3, overall I still like playing MXGP3 because the controls is good and I like to handle it in Realistic difficulty.

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