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Hard enduro, dirt bike injuries, bruised nads, and mind games! Recently we have been on a few rides with guys quite new to slow technical riding. And on a hill like this they are constantly using big handfuls of throttle and dropping the clutch. We’ll discuss dirt bike injuries and extreme enduro soon… Especially when they slowing down or actually stopped on an obstacle. In most cases you are way better using low revs, slipping the clutch gently, and just aim for a constant momentum. Is there a tree root you need to get over? Watch how Jeff stands up to weight the rear wheel then throws his body forward to get over. No useless wheel spin. No digging holes. As Graham Jarvis says, If you want to ride fast, first learn now to ride slow. Get your techniques right, then dial in the speed later. A few steep descents. These are driving me crazy lately. After a big injury going downhill, it’s taking a long time to get my confidence back. don’t look steep with the camera it doesn’t but it is steeper. The guys stop to have a few goes at this little rockface. A year ago, I would love to try this a few times. Now? I just sit there wondering if it’s too risky. And of course i don’t try it. What about previous injuries? Back in 2001 I smashed the lower leg badly in some muddy ruts and was on crutches for quite a few months. That didn’t really affect my riding at all. Although admittedly I don’t try to ride muddy ruts fast since then. Ten years later I broke a pile of bones in my foot trying to ride a DR650 like a dirt bike. Just the standard six weeks in a cast, pretty much zero impact on my riding once I was back into it. So what’s different now? Why has my confidence on the bike taken such a big hit this time? Is it because a spine fracture can so easily result in paralysis? I must admit that did cross my mind a lot. Is it simply aged related? In your late 50s, you become very conscious of your body not bouncing back from injuries they way it used to. But especially your brain is much more likely to focus on risk assessment, instead of the thrills from taking risks. I suspect it is most likely this. I have discussed this with a few guys who have had major injuries. When they were young, they would just laugh it off and be back taking risks again as soon as they could. But once they hit middle age, it was a completely different story. Ever had a big injury? How did it affect your riding, if at all? Has age made a difference in your case? Keen to hear your story, let us know in the comments.
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  1. rock climbing and riding is what makes me tick these days … any broken bone in any of the extremities (not speaking about more major ones) will prevent me from doing both of these activities and will make my life because of that far more miserable. so i'm very very conscious about what i'm doing on my bike. which quite often restricts me too much. but i think it's worth it – i still ride, i still climb.

  2. I'm 60 now and in good physical condition. Last year I started thinking about how much fun I had dirt bike riding as a teenager. It's never too late to have a second childhood. So I bought a street bike and then a dual sport this year. Earlier this month, I crashed the dual sport when I came into a turn too fast. I was thrown from the bike to the ground. The bike flipped forward and landed on my left ankle, breaking the fibula. Also sustained 2 broken ribs and a broken clavicle. At one point I told my wife I'm selling the bikes, but lately I have reconsidered. I just don't know what I would do with my spare time without riding again. But I will be more careful and continue to wear as much protection as I can. It could have been much worse.

  3. Great vid baz I don’t take unnecessary risks but approach the risky bits thoughtfully slowly with a back up plan you’d be surprised how often the ratchet straps come out as a makeshift winch no risk just time spent getting through or over safe I’m not breaking my back again if it can be avoided but I’m not stopping riding either hope ya wel mate cheers

  4. I don't know about the presant but have had to many injuries to list and the body knows
    Now at 51 just riding to enjoy it rather to see who has the bigger balls infront of your mates

  5. November 2002, hard crash. Broke my back in 2 places, broken ankle, fractured 3 ribs, fractured neck, broken wrist. Surgeon said it was unlikely I would walk again. Long story short my 65 year old ass is a hell of a lot more careful now.

  6. Remember your motivation and you will work through your challenges… riding into your 70s and beyond is a good vid to start with.

  7. I like to think I'm like a fine bottle of wine, I get better with age. Reality is, I'm more like milk, I go sour with age! This is why we need to practice, so we get better and crash less.

  8. At 50 i still enjoy riding the hard lines but also understand that proper skill and good gear is of utmost importance eg. always rode with cheap kneeguards now i dont get on the bike without expensive knee braces….the more you practice(ride) the luckier you get…also do alternative exercising and gym (strength training)

  9. Hey there from South Africa .I'm 41 smashed my knee up in a squash game 3 years back ( had my knee rebuild with a caulis and hamstring ten dints ) I used to play rugby(in my 20s) , cricket , squash and just about any thing that involved a ball. Bought a WR 250 F (pervious bikes was a CBR600R sold that one when i saw death coming and Harley Davidson) one year ago when i bought my son n yz85 because off all this coved bs and schools being closed all the time . Just to ride with him and basically be the response vehicle …lol . Well the bug bit and now I'm hooked . now I'm riding with guys much younger and with more dirt bike skills then me. I'm still as competitive as fuck. But ride with a knee that you have absolutely no confidents in is a bitch and loosing to a 11 year old on a mx track an d being lapped .

  10. Perfect vid for me . Getting ready to get back on the horse (WR250R) after almost 3 month rehab on my ribs. Apparently some trees are able to move on and off the trail at will. At 60 years old one would think I was wise enough not to try and hang with my son-in-law and his buddies. Screw my competitiveness and ego , I want to keep riding and not miss a whole summer healing. Time to do adjust my thinking, my gear, and my speed. This way I will be able to extend my love of riding , and get the family off my nuts. One would think this injury had happen before on my other side of the rib cage.😬Great comments from everyone.

  11. Multiple knee injuries…..thinking about selling the dirt bike for a light electric bike (sur-ron) . Can't fail my wife and work again.

  12. 4 heart attacks and an open heart triple bypass surgery has a way of smacking you in the face with the fact that 'mortality' is more than just a concept.

  13. Early years of racing injuries have pulled me back in my latter years now 57. Knees are buggered, lower back stress, neck injuries. Now I preserve myself to not muck up and still turn up to work ok. So lower speed, trials bikes and MTB (not down hilling and riding within my limits) is where is at for me now. Even when young and stupid, desert racing a bike at 170kph, I barely hit those speeds anywhere now on my road bike. Just old and slow now I suppose. Just enjoy trail riding at best now.

  14. you're 100% right , even if it was in Hebrew, man !!!

  15. I 've been skiing for 40 years,,, riding for 5 months. Always amazed at the similarities between the 2. Specially riding off road. Similar terrain right !?! I am 50 now and I will say this. SLOW DOWN. No guardian angels for us old guys. The angels are looking down at us saying… look at this old fool! He should know better, let him learn his lessons the hard way! I just started riding off road and I love it. Want to do it until I cant walk no more so I take it easy. Great channel ! Love the DR650!

  16. Alright I’ll put my 2cents in. I’m 70 and stopped riding for 35 years, I raced mx at the time. I returned to riding but changed to single track here in Oregon. Couple of months ago I went off a 6 foot cliff and the bike landed on me. My buddy got it off me and I wasn’t immediately injured. But a couple days later my knee starting hurting and I limped for two months. It’s now healed and I have decided to curb my aggression and challenges while riding ( if you can imagine at my age). As the saying goes, “with age comes a cage” though I’m still Not to where I’m selling all my bikes, I am getting rid of some of the ones I Can’t ride because of the strain on my body, Trials bikes. I can’t put the weight on my hips and back anymore so they have to go. I’t appears at 70 you have to sit down more lol. I told my 24 year old riding buddy I’m slowing down, He has no problem with that. So I still have someone to lift my bike when I get off lol.
    I refuse to let my pleasures be dictated by age, I will continue riding because it keeps my strength and muscles up there. I did notice while not riding those months How Fast my muscle mass went away, Amazing.
    So until something drastically changes I’ll continue to enjoy the forest and deserts.
    I never broke any bones riding, guess I was lucky. I have had plenty bruises and tweeks like everyone else.
    Love the vids, Hope you Aussies are surviving the insanity.
    God Bless

  17. I’m in my 30s, never broke anything but I have a lot of mind games. Starting to think maybe dirt bikes are not for me or am I just a wuss XD

  18. 1:23 you
    You're right bud. It's too risky. You gotta take care of your spine. It's got nothing to do the size of your balls. Glad you took the sensible path.

  19. I had my first injury last summer. Left work ripping down in the ditch, as some bikes on the hwy were passing I gradually let off throttle and was rubber necking at them. When I looked back at the trail in front I gradually moved into the long grass. At the last moment I seen the hole and sat back on the seat, bracing for the hard jolt. I almost endo'd over the bars. Thankfully my jaw struck the klr windshield and I didn't go over🤣
    I realized I was bleeding and looking in the mirror….yeah🤮 my inner lower gum separated from the jaw. Rinsed it out a couple times 😵😣as I waited for a ride to the hospital.
    6 stitches inside my mouth and 1 in my upper lip, 3 hours later. I was dropped off at the bike and road home again, on the road.😋
    Learned to keep my damn eyes on the trail.

  20. Good vidéo 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  21. I have had one, was on the road, look back on the mirror, one hand riding, then try to concerntrate back to the road. Kaboom, a dog at my front wheel, we both down! Smashed my knee ligament and the disc, cant ride for 3 months. But all good now! Riding as normal, but much more carefull!

  22. I'm almost 50. Recently got back on the dirt bike after a 6 year hiatus. Came off and rock tried to make love to the side of my abdomen. A few stitches and few months of recover and I'm ok but it has made very cautious/scared and now investing in a steering stabilizer and looking at knee braces too. Gone are the days of throwing myself at everything, slow is the go.

  23. Age 6 – 18. No major injuries at all. Studies and other priorities kept me from riding until I was 30 when I took up enduro again.

    Age 35, August of 2006, broke my left upper arm racing. Grate pain but finished the heat(!). Didn't care to see a doctor in a few weeks cause I thought it was just a bruise.. Spent two month of rehab and was straight back in the saddle. Didn't affect my riding one bit!.

    Age 36,. November 2007, broke my (again left) wrist. External fixation for 8 weeks, doctors banned me from driving for at least 6 months but I didn't care, back riding after three… Didn't affect my riding, unfortunately…

    Age 37, June 2008, smashed my left knee, really bad. Hospitalised 2 weeks, crutches for 20(!) weeks. Heavy rehab for 6 months, limping, unable to run, had to quit my job etc… Took me two years to get around 80% of my strength and movability back.

    2010 Bought orthotics and a new bike. Went down from 400 to 250 four stroke to start all over again with something smaller. Was a bit nervous in the beginning but soon I was back to more or less the same pace / speed.

    Now, 50 years old. Still limping, suffers from arthritis (will do for the rest of my life, no meniscus left), can't run for very long but enduro… Yes! It's a high-risk-sport but probably the best training / rehab for my knee! It's like constantly doing squats and far much more rewarding than being in a gym :-)!

    Have I learned anything? Maybe a little…

  24. Knock on wood after watching this video I'm going to go on my first dirt bike trail ride this weekend! Like I said 3-4 weeks ago I needed a truck and a dirt bike, got both now (and protection gear obviously, sporting mostly Leatt gear). CRF 250F 2022, the new model year came out last week, got the first one in the state/nation probably. Last time I dirt biked was 20 years ago as a kid. Learning the basics, wish me luck Barry, taking my Dad with me to ride together. Also Gatti's channel (japanese trials pro) on youtube is pretty neat if anyone is looking for cool trials footage. Type in "Gatti CRF 250L" to be amazed at his skills.

  25. I’m 33yo, and shattered my finger in a race. Open fracture, surgery, etc. couldn’t ride for over 3mo since I couldn’t hold the bars. I have been much more apprehensive, as I’m naturally an overthinker, and realize now that it’s not if, it’s when. Now before a big obstacle I catch myself thinking twice that maybe this could be the next “when”…As if my brain can control the future, rather than let the next when come naturally. Also, I ride like shit when I think about it. I think it’s subconsciously embedded in our memories like ptsd. Even if you’re not thinking about your past injury directly, something in our brain is, and it remembers the months of torment. Maybe it’s time to plateau? Time of reckoning that I’ll never be Billy Bolt? Haha, keep pushing if you can. Maybe meditate to clear the negative history before a ride.

  26. I'm almost 52. Never was keen on fast offroad riding, always have been more on the careful side of things and rode trials instead of MX / enduro. Never had a big injury too. But I do get conscious of age and not healing so quickly anymore so I keep telling myself to spend more time on getting in better shape and staying in good shape … not so successfully yet though 🙂

  27. MARCH 2020, the same week as big COVID came calling and shut it all down. Torn Achilles tendon, medical industry neglected delayed surgery (misdiagnosed as strain). Result, major restructuring, FHL tendon transfer, 30mm of Achilles tendon removal, 2.5 months work free (ha), 5 months-52 PT visits, 80% calf strength after a year and a half, less flexibility. And I got back on the enduro about the same week one n year later this past Spring, and did the same ride that hurt me.

    I try not to think about it, because in fact I wasn't riding risky when I git hurt, I just went down, and folded up the right foot badly against a rock and the bike,The End: injured.

    I am still riding (even better) at 54 years old. How long until I can't do it anymore? When is risk/reward balance skew towards self preservation? Just his morning I dumped my small electric motorcycle and bruised the tailbone, I was going ZERO miles per hour. Yup, sideways dumper and landed on my ass. That'll take a few weeks to stop hurting when I sit on it. Ah shit… Whatever.

  28. Balance between pushing and discretion.

  29. In the cowboy world we call it “getting the chill”. After a bad wreck it takes a bit to get back on. I bought a dirt bike last month. Rode it 10 miles home on a dirt road and woke up at 4a with excruciating neck pain, left over from a 70mph rollover 3 yrs ago. Sold the bike 2 weeks later. I’d love to ride but at 59 maybe it’s wiser to just enjoy your videos.

  30. Broken femur going fast in the trees, in 1989, at 14 slowed me down allot on the dirt. Still rode the Sportbike, and Sled like an idiot though. I have no desire to go fast in the woods anymore, but do like the slow technical stuff.

  31. So I had a big accident in November of 2020. Got off a 13 hr night shift, but had to get some solo practice in on the beta new300rr. Ended up hitting a set of jumps I wasn’t fully comfortable with yet. Especially by myself. Ended up land sloppy, and clipping my right shoulder. Broke my L4 and L5, collapsed lung, broke. Pelvis, lacerated kidney. Being by myself Not being able to move or scream . If I didn’t have my phone, I am quite certain I would have died on that trail . Ended up getting me to a trauma unit . 8 days in the Hospital( during covid so no visitors allowed)/ 3 days in the ICU. ….spent 6 months on disability just in pain and agony, could sleep in my bed for 4 months, couldn’t walk on my own for months. And On top of all of that my 2020 beta 300rr that was my pride and joy, the first thing I bought myself as an adult with my big boy job🤣 was stolen during my recovery in front for my house in the middle of nowhere, while it was sitting with 3 more betas…. I thought that was it for me man, maybe life is just telling me to tap out. But 5 months later when I was just getting well enough to get back on the bike, I got a call from the detectives that the found it. Got all the work done for free( thank god for full coverage) and she like new !! Went for my first ride having no idea what to expect, but in all honesty it felt like I never stopped mentally more so that physically. I could tell I need to work out a bit… as I’m sure we all do haha. But mentally I felt surprisingly at home. I think atleast for me personally, just the act of riding clears my minds anything that’s not the task at hand, including the fears and hesitations that go along with a big crash/ bad accident . Those thoughts can cross your mind, but it’s more of a memory and example as to what can happen when you don’t put in the proper training for a specific skill set( jumps). Just thankful my lucky stars lines up to be alive to ride another day. And hell no it didn’t slow down how much I ride, or my ability or love for riding a bit . I’ve had a few people ask.. we’ll assume I was done riding, and I said hell no! I go though all of that trauma again if it meant I could still ride.

  32. age 31 at 26 i broke my neck 6 screws 2 artificial cushions and a plate .. didnt affect my riding much then a year off the bike made me slower due to stamina loss but confidence stays high (strictly trail rider though) … bought a 450 not too long ago… that bike plays more mind games on me then anything else … just too much for the tight and technical and loves to overeat within a few slow miles

  33. Adrenaline junkie most of my life… climbing, wildland firefighter rappelling into fires, ski patrol, Luge instructor, mtn bike racer.
    At 49 I ruptured my achillies and spent 9 months recovering, now 50 I am super hesitant, not because I may hurt myself as much as I will wreck my rising season!!! Definitely do not recover as fast as I used to

  34. At 53 I tell people the dirt tastes the same as when I was young but the ground is harder. Global warming maybe?

  35. My response is pretty much the same as most other 50 +’ers. I have definitely lost my edge, on loose uphills (my accident locale). That being said I still get the best of kicks out of riding off-road on my T-7. Ride on boys and girls. 🏍🇨🇦

  36. A more in depth video on possible types of injuries and how to avoid them with certain gear would be interesting, also what mistakes causes the accidents in the first place so I can try to avoid them…… got my dr650 2 months ago and so far I've been thrown over the handle bars and slid out on some sand on the road. Got really lucky with just some bruises and road rash but I can't imagine what would have happened if my foot got crushed under the bike or something else of the sort. I was a beginner(still am) squiding out and treated the DR like it was a light weight dirt bike lol. Now I'll focus more on finishing a ride rather than how fast I'm going.

  37. I hit a deer doing 55mph, it was pretty bad, totalled the bike and killed the deer. Could not ride pavement for 2 years without that in my head. Ruptured achilles one year, broke foot the next and rode nearly every week without stopping, albeit with an eye for avoiding potential foot gnar…took 3 yrs to get back to 95% and the confidence to really hit it. Exercise and working the body for moto is important. I'm 54 and in the last couple years will no longer just carelessly toss my bike at obstacles. This is saving me money and injuries. Injuries come from riding over your head/experience…90% can be avoided. But in the end, this shit is/can be dangerous and the more often you ride, the more you're going to get injured.

  38. I quit all that hard enduro crap over 10 years ago and just do cruisy long trail rides and love it , no injuries happy and 52 years old.
    Another thing you should be wary about if you're going to continue that stuff at your age is how easy it is to get a Hernia!

  39. I am 47 and I broke my hand recently. One thing I realized is that recovery time after a certain age is much much longer. So now I am a bit careful. On the other hand most of the people I know had a broken bone with kind of easy stuff…as if you get injured when the adrenaline and the focus is lower. Anyway I now ask myself more if it is worth to take a risk at my level and age. The answer is NO

  40. I'm a bit younger than you at 36 but got my first real injury from a dirt bike last Oct. Never been a competition rider of any sort, more interested in the number of miles I've covered in a day rather than how fast I covered them. So I've been spared some of the more gruesome injuries you see in our sport but I've had my fair share of sprains, pulled muscles, fractured fingers and even a concussion or two but nothing that required more than some over the counter pain killers and a little rest.

    I was on a average trail ride in WV with some friends and checked over my shoulder to see if my friends were still with me and when I looked back my front tire was off the trail and heading down a near vertical embankment with a ton of trees. I tried to ride out of if for a few feet but it was a lost cause and ditched the bike and jumped back towards the trail and all my weight (260lbs or 122 kilos) landed on my shoulder, which completely shattered collarbone where it connects to the shoulder. Not the worst injury ever but did require a few plates and screws to put it back together. If it had happened 10 years ago I feel like I would have shrugged it off after recovery and just went back to riding like nothing happened. But the first thing that went through my head when I realized things were moving in ways they weren't supposed too in my shoulder, was "I have two kids and a wife, I'm the primary earner in my house and I work with my hands (on a keyboard)."

    I haven't stopped riding but I ride with way more caution than I ever did before! Gnarly rutted out trails that I once would have tackled without thought for the challenge, I now skip. Total lack of confidence and fear of leaving my family in a bad way. I'll keep riding because I love it but I don't know if I'll ever be the rider I used to be!

  41. This is the vid I was looking for, I turn 55 In Feb and at this age I've had more time and a better bike so iv been trying to improve my skills , do I really need to learn to wheelie at 55 ? probably ok but I don't need broken bones at this point.

  42. It's part age and part what type of crash. Broken bones from a big jump, just stop doing big jumps, no ptsd. Just normal riding and a fluke crash where you thought you were in control messes with your head and shakes your confidence longer. A broken back will take a couple of years to get 90% over mentally, you will never be totally the same. It's not a bad thing, it decreases the odds of getting hurt in the future.

  43. Started riding a Ducati Scrambler 800 Flat Track Pro in September 2017 aged 58, having never ridden much before that.
    Got into off-roading before Christmas on a klx250s. At 5'3.5" had lowering links fitted (pulled the front forks through amap) and scooped the seat. Damaged knee and broke ribs among numerous offs that didn't put me off at all.
    Then IT happened. Tore the end off my finger travelling at snails pace on wet ice. Lost confidence after that and one stubbed toe later that had to be pulled back out at A&E(which really fucking hurt) finished me off. Sold the klx having got it just right for me in November 2020.
    Bought xt225 October 2021. Had a few offs a bruised/cracked ribs on the last one trying a climb on my own. Will be having another go soon. Once an idiot(biker) always an idiot I suppose.

  44. Broke my leg skiing 3 yrs. ago, gave that up. I would rather spend money on motorcycles lol 59 now.

  45. I have never had an big injury and intend to keep it that way.
    What's why I stick to trail riding, and enjoy the show by watching younger bucks throwing themselves over obstacles and rock faces from a distance 😉

  46. Very good video !!! I was always wildest rider of our group when I was younger and have been every couple of month in the hospital. It really never bothered me or had any negative impact on my speed. Than we moved from Germany to the USA where I had a really bad accident in 2011 when jumping my CRF in the sand dunes. Flying back 12 hours to Germany with all those injuries wasn't fun for sure, but what really changed my mind and made slow and scared since then is what I did to my wife by this.
    She first had to stay alone in the US, while I was recovering for half a year in Germany. In the end she put all our furniture in a storage to be with me again. In the past my broken bones were never life changing, but this one was…. I took us more than a 1 year (and 4 surgeries) to move back to the US and get back to a "normal" life. So I ended up from beeing a fearless wheelie-god to become a person who can not even do a wheelie anymore. lol. No matter how hard I try or want this, there is something in my brain going on which won't let me do this again. But maybe that is a good thing 😉

  47. I just got back into riding. Making a trail in the woods next to my house I simply fell over from a stop and fractured my knee. I am awaiting surgery. I will need screws to fix the injury. IT has me freaked out. Not only my time to recover but the fact I will use up every bit of my work leave for the recovery. It has me doubting getting on the bike at this point when I am recovered. I am not sure what the answer is. I just know it has left me a lot of doubt. I could have done better setting the bike up from the start. That would have helped. But, I literally fell over from a stop and broke my knee. So, it has me worried.

  48. Started to ride Enduro in 2014, and had my first injury autumn 2015. Broken collarbone right side and a concussion. Drove to the hospital my selves, didnt have a clue where I was, so not the smartes desission i have done.

    Then new bike for 2016 seson, and was atacked by a tree.

    Managed to ripp og the ACL and a broken kneecap++ again on the Right side. And again I drove to the hospital my selves, with some pain.

    2018 broken big toe Right side.

    2019 broken wrist Right side.

    2021 Dislocated my collarbone Left side and drove to the hospital my selves.

    2021 Tear of the thigh muscle again on my Left side.

    So happily it seams like I'm finish at the Right side and are now working my way down on the Left side of my 55 years old body and still I can't say I know how to drive a bike. But hope I will be able to drive some more years and have fun without more accidents.

  49. How things can change over seven years! Back then I did a tongue-in-cheek vid where I said something like "I want to leave this world the way I came into it – screaming and covered in blood". Now, it's about lasting the distance and smell the roses along the way now. And the occasional wheelie. 😊 As one viewer said in the comments below… "I like taking time to enjoy the scenery, rather than becoming part of it".

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