DIRT BIKE MOD & BEET FARMING! – Farming Simulator 19 Multiplayer Mod Gameplay

DIRT BIKE MOD & BEET FARMING! – Farming Simulator 19 Multiplayer Mod Gameplay

Today farmers farm sugar beets. We will also be checking out a new dirt bike mod in this farming roleplay!

Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s Let’s Play Part 1 of Farming Simulator 19. This is a multiplayer farming management simulator game!

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  2. ❤❤❤❤😊😊😅😮🎉🎉🎉🎉

  3. Happy birthday ob merry christmas comodo

  4. Sugar does come from sugar Cane That is correct

  5. Happy birthday OB merry Christmas camodo happy valentines day!

  6. Happy birthday to camodo Happy birthday to camodo

  7. The messi farm no no no the Ronaldo farm ⚽️🇦🇷🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  8. I meant to say this in the other comments but everybody's six grand to Komodo gaming and OB gaming subscribe to both YouTubers

  9. Camoda you needed a trailer for your harvester

  10. It was funny when you said looooooooooossssser

  11. Just to let you know that sugarbeet and sugarcane are the two things that we get sugar from the most at least in the US not sure about other countries


  13. Hi love your vids can I get a shout out

  14. YES more farming sim from camodo! I love this series a lot! So happy for this to be uploaded

  15. Its pronounced mouse not maus its german. Sorry im from Frankfurt.

  16. Sugar comes from both sugarcane and sugarbeets also my birthday was two days ago

  17. [Aleks] "Allesannel" averagehumanbeing says:

    cool video camodo

  18. happy birthday ob and merry Christmas camodo keep the videos up :p

  19. Notification squad?
    Is it bad that I got my notification 30mins late?

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