Dirt Bike Squad Takes Over New York City!

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  1. This kid is a dork, and he definitely doesn’t fit in. Hes way to suburbs.
    “ is doing a wheelie like that a felony here, bro?” Everyone had their palms in their forehead… Why did you even come out?

  2. Go to San Antonio Sunday fundays, it be live asf no cap!!!!😮‍💨💯

  3. i live in queens, nd i always see mfers riding dey dirt bikes nd shi on the van wyck

  4. Tommy, you should come to Houston to check out the very diverse street scene down here. We do it big down here whether it's roll racing, drag racing, motorcycling, local club racing, offroading, stunting, large bmx rides, lowriding, and cruising slabs on Slab Sunday's. Come out to our last TX2K race this year. You won't be disappointed!

  5. Hell yea get ready to see your ski mask committing felonies on the news! I call first

  6. Better use that duct tape, I’m from NY every traffic light in NYC has a camera so if you run 1 light that’s a ticket, make a right on red that’s a ticket, speed through that’s a ticket, so running wit the bikers your going to do those things multiple times, so following them for an hour in Queens you could get 20 tickets just off cameras and you won’t know till you get them in the mail at the address your car’s registered at. NYC is hungry for cash and NYPD feeds the city budget.

  7. Here in nyc we hate these mf when they come to car meets. They be out here doing shit close to the cars being mad disrespectful.

  8. Come to Baltimore 2 see some real riders

  9. The merch goes hard but I need me a shirt asap !!

  10. Hey Tommy G, I would love to do a interview with you about my life

  11. LoL.
    Filming them dangerous ? They are there for that! For the Instagram fame! They film themselves!
    You clearly can see they have no gear where do you think they hide their guns for it to be dangerous ? Or are gonna leave dirt bikes that don't have a switch on the ground to f*ck you up ? Or for the cops to catch them ? Damn. First 10 seconds of video and you're sounding cringe to me.

    Next your meet your "contact" which is very dangerous as I see it!

  12. love the content cant compare to all these lame ytbrs

  13. Im 5’9 and I weigh 180 llbs and i went on a 1000cc bike supposedly the homies told me i was too light for it and i attempted a drive by w my glock as a practice attempt and completely ate shit video is on my channel 😂 never rode a dirtbike again

  14. You walked in there and owned that place bro…so hard to walk into a group of new people and make friends

  15. Right of passage should be mandatory military duty.

  16. Glad we have real police 🚔 here unlike New York. That is just ignorance and no respect for your community.

  17. imagine getting protected by the people everyone else is scared of

  18. No way that’s the gas station by my crib 😂😂😂

  19. That fool said “drive stick” for a manual quad😂😂😂

  20. The story about the foot getting cut in half is gnarly, but that’s why you get you some riding boots or even some riding shoes with decent armor although idk how well those work honestly

  21. in my opinion one of the most relevant YouTubers(you earned a sub)!

  22. I got on a dirt bike one time when I was a kid. Needless to say that was the only time. I wiped out lol.

  23. They where hired by tekashi for a video shoot

  24. No one gonna talk about the white dude on the Harley saying the n word

  25. all the black guys sounds like white surfers lol

  26. If only they made tall, rigid boots for riding to prevent losing part of your foot😂. Props for getting right back after it!

  27. bro had a phonk beat in the video, thats a like already

  28. I wish guys would do this in Australia 🇦🇺

  29. You have to check out Philadelphia for the dirt bike riders. It's crazy in Philadelphia.

  30. Highlight of the week anytime ToMmOy G uplaods boiii

  31. I wonder if anyone of these guys have seen the documentary Dust to Glory about the baja 1000

  32. need a dnt chase boys interview out of Detroit

  33. I wish your vids were longer. For supposed "Documentary" type content it's Always short

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