Dirt Bike Squad Takes Over New York City!

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  1. Sick vid bro as usual, you should go to Mexico or Brazil favella's that would be mad. Much love

  2. Bro gotta go to b more and ride with the squad down there.

  3. Shoutout to the guy rocking the cortiez balaclava ldn to nyc

  4. Tommy should have got on a automatic 4 wheeler

  5. That is a crazy experience man… bro was feeling like a president

  6. I get so hyped hearing “you’re here for a story and I’m here to tell it .. “ beat drops then fantastic interviews

  7. Where i live in australia, if you hear a dirtbike its stolen and mostlikey will be in skateparks or just parks at night

  8. you met my could leek the bike star tell him i’m proud

  9. Should get up with Brian636 for a documentary

  10. I ride motorcycles they are my only source of happiness. Please wear a fucking helmet

  11. That one white guy on the Harley saying the n word 😭
    They gave him the n word pass, he’s one of them

  12. It was nice that everyone took the day off of work

  13. Im from north queens about 30 min away from jamaica i used to bike till i got hit by a car and said fukk that im not risking my life anymore, broke my foot in 3 places in may. When it comes to riding its fun asf and cops don't really bother u cuz they know they can't catch u.

  14. Too think bike riding was a white man's sports and all my niggxs benig doing it

  15. 🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥👌👌👌😎😎😎

  16. All i can say for these guys is get dirt bike/full face helmets and riding boots. It can keep em’ rippin’ a lil longer. Godspeed boys 👽

  17. Come to the bay for some sideshows next 😮‍💨

  18. Fuck, you're white. I'm poor country white from a small town in the Midwest and you made me feel like Rick Ross. Milk toast.

  19. We ride here in Cincinnati
    On and off road
    You can become addicted to that adrenaline lol stupid fun

  20. crazy to see the come up 💪🔝frfr shoutout to the real ones who been here since OG baylein days

  21. The way you said it wont be disclosed makes me this that was the disclosure

  22. Those smiles when they panned by said it all fuck 12 and throw that shit up

  23. Yea don't feel a lil bad even when dudes like this wreak…you do this where i live you def gunna get hurt.. more then once in the 90s did my friends get smashed and hit by cops when running..these dudes ain't rough or tough🤣🤣🤡💩..I'd run mfkers over they surrounded me..run them over and not give two fucks about dbags like these…these people are actually sad af🤣🤣🤡💩..even more when they hit each other it's hilarious

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