Dirt Bike Squad Takes Over New York City!

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  1. Tommy G come to Detroit it's not that far from u . It was voted top 10 tourist destination in USA in 2021

  2. That white guy doesn't have an N word pass lol wtf

  3. Damn the acting seemed so real. The green screen and cgi combos really make it seem like you really there 🤫

  4. So this channel just glorifies people that terrorize their neighborhoods. Awesome

  5. Tommy I loved you since you where in old baylen videos im so happy you finally blew up like you deserved one of the best youtubers out there

  6. Yoo tommy you gotta come back and do a video on pedal bikelife

  7. You gotta come do one on dirt bikes in Connecticut Bridgeport or New Haven

  8. You should start doing more bike life videos

  9. Big dogs know how to drive a standard,just kidding Tommy 😆

  10. BBruh was driving by yall when u filmed this i was like wtf these mfs crazy, oh shit is that tommmy g? nvm they cool

  11. Aye Tommy go to Baltimore for a dirtbike video we started that shit💯

  12. While in nyc u might as well do take overs in nyc I got some clips on my channel if u don't know what a take over is

  13. I bet all the guys with masks on definitely didn't buy that bike iykwim

  14. Sick stuff you should check the bikers out in baltimore they crazy too

  15. Hell yeah you gotta start handing out shirts bro. I love watching these

  16. Damnn.. should have came down to the neighbors here in Baltimore and you would find the 12oclock boys.. documentary made on us and all

  17. Tommy been killing the YouTube game fr

  18. wait till this guy finds out about the scousers

  19. ayoo someone mama at the gas station all types of caked up gahd daaamn

  20. Tommy G with the great content. Keep up with the good videos.

  21. Tommy you have to check out the dirtbike in baltimore

  22. Anybody know some of the dirt bikes or quads they was riding on? I’m Tryn get some myself jus don’t know good vs bad bikes and shi

  23. why would u bring someone around wearing a nypd hat u lame asf no cap

  24. Short Dude Trey From Brooklyn Wheelie The Whole Brooklyn Bridge Came To The Right Cats

  25. Should’ve been out there on a bike 😆 whatever you experienced x10

  26. Look into the Ebike community also.👍

  27. Whats that lady at the gas pump name 👀😍😂😂

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