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  1. I just bought a Xbox one and can't figure it out saying it can't find connection! Any help would be greatly appreciated Bonnie race Jason Falcon 76 y'all know I invented the Kiss of Death in Freestyle Motocross and kiss of Death Backflip long front wheel wheelies scrub twice as hard as Stewart ever dreamed only rider in the history of Motocross Supercross Freestyle Motocross to go from beginning to Pro In under 9 months. Shattered both my legs on 1 20 01 and 07. I caused Ken Rockzen who blew his 50,000$ Pro Circuit RMZ 450 Team Semi Susuki Team. While I was on a KTM 250SX I told him had I been on a KTM 125 he could forget about hanging in tight Supercross track KTM 150 I would lap him before he made two laps plus invented the Kiss of Death front wheel wheelie stopie.Jason Falcon 76 pull up Charlize Angles Full Throttle the " Coal A Bowl" my birthday is 5 30 76 and started racing age 22 Drew Barrymore 30 Camron Diaz Susuki Travis Pastrona and my number 76 Yamaha singing 1960…….5 yeah wow. Check it out it's a movie tribute to me being the fastest motocross Supercross best Freestyle Motocross tricks which Travis Pastrona copied me on alot that I did dirt to dirt 150 footers.🙏🇺🇲✈️🚁🦊🏁❤️👀💯%

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