Dirt bikes


  1. Видя как он накручивает ручку, я думал что сейчас будет двойное сальто😂

  2. Momma Duke know what she talkin bout tho💯

  3. Why my mans opening the throttle like he racing like man she said slow

  4. Next video: teaching him how to replace the clutch

  5. Привыкни к аппарату😂

  6. Tmr this man know how to do a cluth replace and bro, bro would fly into the neighbors yard if it was 2t😅

  7. Let that clutch out you’ll really see some power

  8. Come on get a Yamaha show him what real power is

  9. You give are idiots GIVE HIM A HELMET and boots and teach him the brakes

  10. This is why this generation should stick to bicycles cuz they can't brighten up and pay attention to how much damage their creating to that damn clutch.

  11. Вот дурак он ещё на сцепление едет, дайте лучше мне

  12. На обкатке газ в пол = 🤡 🤡 🤡

  13. He needs dirt bike no gear you can burn you leg on the engine

  14. I was surprised to not see somthing about the clutch in top 3 comments

  15. Pro tip just let out the clutch and give it gas at the same time enough to start moving and once you master that while your moving stop pulling in the clutch and giving it gas just let the clutch out and give it some gas then it will get to a point when you need to shift up a gear and when you do that you need to let off the gas pull in the clutch shift up then let out the clutch slowly and give it some gas

  16. Он знает хоть что такое сцепление

  17. какой же долбаеб суслик за рулем….

  18. This brings me back to my first time getting a bike. Man my aunt looped it because she didn’t let go of the gas once’s the wheel popped up 😭 just had some fender damage but that’s all🤣

  19. Обзор как сеть сцепление и поршневых группу

  20. Slowly gas it lol dude fucking rails it every time ha ha genius!

  21. Darle una moto a un niño con experiencia❌.

    Darle una moto con cloch a un niño que en su vida se avía subido a una ✅


  23. I remember my first bike, wait no i dont i was 2..

  24. Why the hell is it so hard to give it a little gas just a little everyone always revs it so hard

  25. I give that clutch about two weeks…unless its a honda lol

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