I dirtbiked a fire mega ramp in Trials Rising! I played some of the coolest community maps in this episode. Also some of the weirdest. Let me know what else I should do in this game! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. Can you please play gorilla tag on your Oculus

  2. hey sam tabor gaming if you go in goat simulator and at the banana factory and go in the tube you can get the banana suit

  3. Wait what is this public wait live stream

  4. U need to learn how to bunny hop and stuff. The university of trials tutorials in the campaign map will teach you all u need to know. Once u learn that stuff the mantis will seem very VERY good.

  5. That’s cool and I wish I can hang out with you

  6. Nice head phones Sam they look cool😎😎😎

  7. Lmao the "I'm on the edge with you" song is edge of glory by Lady gaga

  8. I just got trials today.
    Im addicted you are the person that i follow every day i love your videos

  9. hey can you play Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales game

  10. You should try and get to ridges next time you play descenders! It's a secret level you unlock by doing the exact same thing to get to volcano, (Jump through all the fire hoops in one session) but in Career +

  11. Hi Sam I got trails rising for my Christmas and I love it

  12. "The waffle house has found it's new host

  13. Aint nobody talking about those fresh new headphones?!

  14. eh yeah i think so (he told you to say that if you want more trials rising so i am saying it)

  15. Can you do more amazing frog videos?

  16. 🎉😂alaloa❤LkNaoalO akasalakaaloaopalOzklzksomdozmsixndhsosisllsixbzvsisksks😮skamskszmmzkskkzkzkAkaoakskskksksksksslslso

  17. Please do more knockout city I would really like it

  18. Thank you please make more GTA5 videos please

  19. Ooh u got a new headset sam! Same one as mine haha

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