I went dirt biking on a speeding train in Trials Rising! This game gets more insane every time I play it. Leave a comment below if you wanna see more Trials Rising!

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  2. i remember the free trial of this on the xbox 360

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  5. When I got this game I started on the hardest map and it was a hour long

  6. Uh… Sam is suspicious because he β€˜LITERALLY’ at the end he had the new bike that he was going to unlock next to him. Did he already unlock it but didn’t tell us?!😱😱😱😱🀯🀯🀯 10:56

  7. Why don't you try to play Roblox it would be awesome

  8. is this not just trials hd but higher quality

  9. I love your videos and they always make you me laugh

  10. It’s so funny when Sam said I can be a power ranger wow

  11. Sam You don’t get on to the airplane

  12. if you land on a ramp you should back up then go forwards to get more speed

  13. π™Žπ™π™žπ™›π™©_ says:

    You should play with @AndyShrock and you should battle

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