I went dirt biking on the craziest road ever in Trials Rising! These were by far the weirdest modded maps I’ve seen in the game so far. Let me know if I should play more of them! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. The fact you don't know hill climb racing is a party foul

  2. You should play mini football .it’s a mobile game

  3. You should play more trials rising! Great vid 👍

  4. 😂 dude I was playing Hill Climb Racing when I was watching this and then he joined me on a different game

  5. I love you Sam but I have a question.I missed a few weeks of videos and a wanted to know are u gay or straight and are you like alt now because I noticed you got your nose pierced and painted your nails black ? Thanks your biggest viewer.. ps not trying to stereotype anyone . Also no offense to anyone who is alt or gay

  6. Let go of accelerate when you go down big hills and you will go faster

  7. You should try this track called "barren". Seems perfect for your skill level, and would be a fun challenge!

  8. Wow, this is the first trials rising video that has been recommended to me with lots if views in years… I hope your enjoying the game! seeing these tracks played, some of which are made by mates of mine, is wacky to see. Our community is very small so sort of surreal seeing this 😅

  9. This guy looks like if Andrew Garfield smelled a little bit too much of his moms nail polish remover growing up. Great vid!

  10. bro lives under a rock, he doesnt know what hill climb racing is

  11. I just realized that this game has copy pasted the sound from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater when you do a special, for the checkpoint sounds… wtf?

  12. Do not ecellerate if ur driving down a hill Realschule fast, in u ecellerate u can just drive as fast as the max temp. oft the bike is. In u let it roll, Its getting faster

  13. I loved it and the star wars thing was amazing

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