Dirt Shark – SLAYGROUND 2 ft. Axell Hodges

Motocross athlete Axell Hodges aka “SLAY” is back going bigger than ever on his dirt bike… conquering the world’s first ever DIRT HALF PIPE at Jeremy McGrath’s Ranch in San Diego, CA.

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SLAYGROUND 1 ft. Axell Hodges –
SLAYGROUND 3 ft. Axell Hodges –

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  1. Sky is the limit' So why not tippit and Flipit👍😎

  2. Control your motor dont let it control you. We must continue to control our lives the same way Axel controls his. Flip and twist he still goes all ins Full Throttle is the MODEL

  3. I live on the east coast.. why do they water the track over out west?

  4. To anyone who wants the song
    Closer to the sun-slightly stoopid

  5. แซ๊จิ่งแก๊ซๆ.ตั้มๆ

  6. Mrกิตติกวินทร์แสงสุก

  7. Seriously going large and whipping hard..holy sh#$

  8. กลองแขกอยากรู้จักก่อครูอะไรหัวริน

  9. หนองครอบหลายMrกิตติกวินทร์แสงสุกมีเย้อทีมรถวิบาก

  10. หมาพิคบลูก้อมีหน้าบ้านใครอยากลอง

  11. Best free ride video ever! Can't wait for SLAYER 4. Don't know how you can top can this. Thumbs up to Monster and Axell Hodges

  12. Music is on point !!! Love the way his riding style flows with it

  13. Круто, тоже так хочется)

  14. Excellent work Fella’s! All the Best to you all!!! As all the Best was shown to us the viewer!!!
    Thins is why I love Motorcycles

  15. Slightly Stupid is the best! Good song choice 👍🏽.

  16. I still think this was the finest bit of freestyle cinematography ever made.

  17. Great video! I like the song better with the 4 stroke sound in the background

  18. ในโทรศัพท์เครื่องนี้

  19. mad crazy axell .This dube very inspiring an love the sound track too

  20. These kinds, of people– suck! They think, or act like, they can– fight?
    What a man, thinks! He's destroyed, by! Fraudulent

  21. So your name is Slay ? What the fuck Axell

  22. U so here ya bro 🤣🤣🤪🤠👏👏👏

  23. does anyone knows the name of the first seconds song?? thank you!!!

  24. The only thing better than this is Slayground 3.

  25. Good job that crash was narly love the video

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