Don’t buy this bike…#mtb #fingerbike #bmx


  1. I also once Had a Finger bike of that Kind it was completely stopid now i got Teck deck and your right

  2. I got the exact same thing for a fiver

  3. Why??😂 30 $ gets you a real bike , not good but its real

  4. remember that you need to take care of such things for the future, take care of your things so they will last much longer 😂😂😂😊

  5. Bro tmthe teck deck is like that to and if you wan a bmx then buy that if you want a mtb buy that and its our opinion in what to buy

  6. I have had one of those toy mountain bikes before they fall apart, and all the screws come out

  7. it took me until he said finger bike to realise that it was a finger bike lol

  8. If you wanna get a finger bike get a flip tricks😂😂😂

  9. I got that bike to it was fun but it got lost and I got tech deck finger bike

  10. I aint even gonna lie i got a budget bmx finger bike and not every single peice is individually scattered throughout my room and idk how to fix it💀

  11. looks more like a diecast display bike so that might be why

  12. Get a job and buy a electric bike homie.

  13. Tech deck ate shit you do 1 tail whip and the handle bars fall off 😅

  14. 24$ ? 💀 I bought that for 5€ in kik

  15. Dude that’s a rep of a Scott xc rc

  16. You might remember me not giving a fuck

  17. Bro I had that same bike I got it for 7 dollars

  18. Bro i from kosovo end i buy 5.00 euro end is so god for me

  19. Last time I cheacked teck deck does not have suspension

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