Epic Dirt Bike Fails | %99 Fails %1 Skills | #2

The ultimate compilation of the most epic dirt bike fails of 2019 is brought to you by Enduro Life Media. We have covered around 20 races including Ezbergrodeo, Sea to Sky, British Extreme Enduro, Hixpania Hard Enduro, French Hillclimb Championship, Andler Hillclimb and Enduro GP in 2019. This archive needed to be refined for your viewing pleasure and as a result, we had all disciplines’ best fails put together in one video.

00:00 Intro
00:51 Montee Impossible Arette
02:48 Impossible Climb Andler
04:22 Alestrem
05:03 Sea to Sky
05:45 Erzberg Rodeo Rocket Ride
06:37 Montee Impossible Arette
07:52 Impossible Climb Andler
09:38 Alestrem
09:59 British Extreme Enduro
10:56 Enduro GP
10:40 Montee Impossible Muhlbach
13:24 Hixpania
14:25 Uncle Hard Enduro

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  1. I have one question to people riding dirt bikes- why do you wear super coloured clown like outfits? Does it help anything?

  2. The event must be supplying bikes because it's no way I'm taking any of my bikes out there the way they trashing em (that event does seem pretty fun tho)

  3. Что за потраченый перевод? Охладите трахание углепластик

  4. Really most of this is skill but they just crashed

  5. Why do they not have hook guys near the top. Makes no sense. Most bikes they could save from being destroyed

  6. понаденут форму и все что для этого есть и ни х..я не могут показушники только мотоциклы ломают позорники…

  7. I wonder if these up hill steep climbs could be better done with a E-bike?
    Instant torque and al that..

  8. Damn id want to be wearing chainmail on those bikes with the massive steel studs

  9. Never crashed, ridden mostly by old people.

  10. Welcome to the father in heaven family Emerson and Paul hendrix ozzy to the fib

  11. Your bike is toast without butter my dude

  12. they poo ther pantes whenthey fole hehe😀😄

  13. Bu motordan bende olsa değil bu tepe dağa bile tırmanırım , hız ayarlamasını yapamadıklarından motoru havalara uçuruyorlar . Süper ..

  14. Is it bad i dont even care about the bikes, but feeling every bent back wrist. Every scraped shin. Every winding or nut shot 🤣🤣

  15. Actually That's so highe No 1 can make it looks like fail

  16. Seems like ya shoulda titled this hill climbing fails!!!

  17. By this content creator's standards, his skill stands at -7000%.

  18. I could never understand hill climbing. Fun to watch though!

  19. 5:30 hmmm people say next generation gonna be better than this… That is… If there is a next generation.

  20. 1% aint good title.. Try this shit for ur self

  21. Анатолий Григорьевич says:

    Мотоциклисты -смелые ребята

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