I played dirt bike basketball in Trials Rising! These modded maps literally turn this game into a different video game. Let me know what other weird levels I should try! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. Sam, can you post more BMX riders republic

  2. I got trials rising for Christmas and it makes me happy when you play it

  3. You should buy a dirt bike irl and don’t cheap out buy a big one but don’t buy a 450cc

  4. Sam tabor make a video in riders republic and I have it and you can probably play with me and I am a big fan. My name on the Xbox is the Akron rob

  5. weird that the intro said oh hi mark and my name is mark so that a plus

  6. I feel like sam not good a gaming at this game but the vids are Great 👍

  7. You should please play what the bat it’s a vr game it’s really fun

  8. Can you please play gorilla tag in vr plz but every time I watch you It just makes my day better 😂🎉😊

  9. Say hi to Kathryn for me please ❤😊🎉

  10. Love your content

    P.S I got an oculus quest 2 for christmas

  11. hey san I just wanted to tell you that superfly got a new update

  12. He's my favorite YouTuber get him to 2milion subs


  14. Let’s appreciate the fact the Sam dedicates hours on end to give us entertainment to keep us going throughout our lives! Your the best!

  15. I love sam tabor he is the best youtuber and he will always be my favourite youtuber

  16. Hey! Don’t forget that Jesus Christ loves you and he died for you then rose on the 3 day have a blessed day ❤❤

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