Today Joe and his crew came over to RIP the pitbikes! He thought he was good. UNTIL WE SMOKED HIM.



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  1. Get a farm water tank trailer to spray the track. Or Diy a barrel on the golfcart

  2. i am 11 years old and i have my own 2021 110 honda and i wish i could come to yours and rip rhe bikes but i live in england

  3. Miller making better vids than u what happened bout to un sub

  4. hey braydon my name is javarus how come you don't make the ktm 250xc videos no more

  5. Braden you need to put dirt tires on your super Moto and you and Christian ride trails on the Enduro‘s

  6. I want you Roger for them to do really in right at Marine Park

  7. Been watching for years man can't even tell you how long even when I had my phone took id take my computer to watch this shi when you used to squeak in every video love that your still having fun doing the same shit and made a career of yourself much appreciated

  8. Will braydon ever grow out of this lol

  9. I done got to where I skip threw the pit bike videos

  10. I will return, with better strategy’s and hiding spots😈

  11. Heres the thing if I was there I see a spot in the videos where no one gose and it's a really nice spot

  12. i miss miller it just ain't the same with out him

  13. They should play this but on quads

  14. Braydon walked in the garage and I said look at that line up then he said it

  15. You should do the biggest game of pit bike tag on your birthday.

  16. Mondern man is not the man who goes off to discover himself, his secrets, and his hidden truth; he is a man who tries to invest himself in something beneficial for the future.

  17. you need 0 more for 50 Braydon price

  18. We use to do this with four wheelers back in the day always a blast with friends

  19. You should do tag on a different machine

  20. Why do people do 👎 like if u don't like it then leave

  21. I just got the happy hour merch and it is to big so can you make kids sizes. And btw I bought the smallest size.

  22. Finally got my sweater lol love it good good quality and love the look

  23. It was braydon fault because he left or not he would win

  24. Braydon I have an idea for the next pit bike builds. You should build one camo so you can hide in the woods with it. Make it a complete stealth bike.

  25. Can we ha e a update on the bouty hole bike

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