Every Supercross Game Ranked From Worst To Best (2023)

Today we rank every Supercross game from worst to best.

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  1. as a first person player i'd go 4,5,6 all joint last, then 1,3,2, 2 being the best but only because the cam was slightly better than 3.

  2. I’ve not played a Supercross game since Supercross 6 was about a week old, don’t plan on playing anymore Supercross games to be honest

  3. Haven’t bought a SX game since 2 and I don’t regret it at all tbh. The track editor is my favorite feature and it’s been a downgrade ever since

  4. I understand it’s your opinion but 6 does not deserve 3rd place at all. It deserves 2nd to last place. From worst to best going off how the game plays, feels, and actually was taken care of, it goes 5, 6, 4, 2, 1, 3

  5. supercross 5 is a cool game (better than 4 but worse than 6) but the compound is AWFUL.

  6. You’re pretty much spot on in my opinion with your comments.
    My list would be 4 2 5 1 6 3 so a couple changes but that’s just because I had more fun in some over others overall great ranking

  7. For me it’s 5,4,1,3,2
    Haven’t played 6 yet, but it looks like more of the same from 5 so I’m not too pressed to play it

  8. Pretty much agree with this list. Loved the first Supercross. Supercross three was by far my favorite. Played Supercross four for a few hours and hated it. Didn’t even bother with Supercross five because of how bad 4 was.

  9. I am thinking they get the Lucas Oil Pro MX series & create an SMX game for next year.

  10. probably a hot take but i’d go 6, 2 (never played it but i’m sure it’s better than 6), 5, 1, 3, 4. I think 4 is super underrated in the series. i think overall it had the best physics and gameplay minus the rear wheel sliding out all the time and the 6 rounds at Salt Lake. i feel like 4 you were actually going the right speed for the track. also there was tons of big lines you could find on every track. 6 is so one line and very tame, definitely the worst gameplay, physics, customization, etc. only thing going for 6 is the compound which i personally don’t care about. 5 felt too floaty compared to 4 but i still enjoyed it, 6 is just god awful slow gameplay, the 3rd person camera angles are atrocious, i feel like i’m looking under the bike when i’m in the air. 3 was great but also i didn’t play it all that much. 1 is pretty nostalgic but very arcade like, reminded me of mx vs atv in that sense, but not as fun.

  11. I like the tracks at 6 much more than 5 (got them as a bundle) because the jumps are too big in 5, and they have many tight turns that can get disorienting. Due to scheduling or whatever, all 3 Anaheim races are in the rain in 250 as well, That was a challenge in itself.

  12. The reason I don’t like the newer games is how unrealistic the bikes sound. From sx4 and up they are all way to high pitched

  13. As an adult, I find all Supercross games from this Italian developer just insanely mediocre at best. What a waste of time and money.

  14. Ive only played 1, 2,3 and 4, for me, i really enjoy 2 and 3 more.

  15. From best to worst imo. 6,5,2,4,1,3Never played 3 that’s why it’s last

  16. 1. Supercross 6
    2. Supercross 3
    3. Supercross 1
    4. Supercross 2
    5. Supercross 4
    6. Supercross 5

  17. I agree with your list windham but this is mine

  18. Supercross 5 is the best dirt bike game ever made in my opinion!

  19. I would like to note something
    I play on console, and because I play on console the Ai for suoercross 5 was messed up. Very easy to medium I would lap everybody but then for hard and realistic I would get lapped by everyone. So besides that the game is great. This is what my list would like like

  20. 1. Supercross 3
    2. Supercross 4
    3. Supercross 1
    4. Supercross 2
    5. Supercross 6
    And I haven't played Supercross 5 yet

  21. I think supercross 1 is 6th super cross 4 is 5th and super cross 3 is 4th suppercross 6 is 3rd and supercross 2 is second for the best one of them all supercross 5 is NuMBER 1

  22. U should do an updated mx vs atv one as well

  23. 2 compound was not gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  24. Supercross 5 felt nothing like Supercross 4. 4 felt way closer to Suoercross 3 than it did to 5. I have lots of playtime on both 3 and 4

  25. i would put sx 6 number 1 but i dont even own it lol but more customization probably will come soon

  26. Just bought number 5 should of watched this video first but thanks this really Helene’s because I already got 1 and 3 and now 5

  27. Supercross 7 out in 2024 or supercross 6 the last one?

  28. They just need to continue mxgp and leave monster energy behind my opinion

  29. And don't forget… track degradation were removed too.

  30. I like SC2 graphics better than SC6. SC3 is still the best of them all overall. I hated 4, 5, and 6. Just like the MXGP games, 2019 still is the best one for me.

  31. We need a game with more 2 stroke availability

  32. Or they need to do like a throw back game take the graphics and everything we have now but take the racing back to 2000 mcgraph emig Carmichael etc.

  33. Thanks for the list. Supercross 2 was on sale for $2.99 on Steam so I bought that.

  34. I played MX unleashed, and then MX Vs ATV legends. It was alright, but nothing crazy.

    Then I bought SX6 and OMG it’s AWFUL. It’s so slow, sluggish, unresponsive and just boring.

    8 months later and I’m still playing legends, and now it’s MILES better than it was after numerous updates.

    Legends is probably my favorite SX/MX game ever.

    I played SX6 for maybe 10 minutes, and haven’t touched it since I bought it.


  35. We need a 2 stroke gas gas in supercross 5 and 6 😊

  36. Supercross 2 had the best physics and the best sense of speed

  37. In my list 1 5 4 2 6 1 is in last😊

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