I went bowling on a dirt bike in Trials Rising! Also crashed my bike VERY hard a million times. What other maps do you want to see me play in Trials Rising? Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. Sam is the best!!! Only the greatest!!! The one who is number one!

  2. You still sound like you have a cold Sam. Hope you're okay. 🙂

  3. I think you have to actually "bail" (can't remember the button) on the Bail Zone, which will send your character flying farther, which won't make the level end as soon, so you can have time to see the bowling pins get knocked down.

  4. hey Sam tabor if you go in the game goat simulator and go to the banana factory and go in the tube you can get the banana suit.

  5. Day 10 of asking you to play beat saber again.

  6. Man I love your videos. But you need to learn that gas feathering.

  7. I could totally get addicted to that egg collecting level. I saw a ton of weird (special?) eggs you didn't get to.

  8. Can you play gorilla tag on your oculus

  9. Ur videos are lit mate keep up the fandidly work

  10. Play shredders, or play the new Hitman freelancer mode

  11. LansoFi oro W wajoqkwwqjnwnp1oapaiSkj

  12. Can you please play a vr game called gorilla tag

  13. Martial Arts_karate_AL—————-—————————————————————— says:

    Day 1 of commenting until Sam likes my comment

  14. Those not tolet papper they are marshmallow

  15. the intro got me laughing so hard and the part when we said its toliet papper time my favourite time of the week

  16. When is he gonna realize hes never gonna see the end

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