Extreme XL Lagares | Dirt Bike Fails That Science Cannot Explain

After two years of absence Extreme XL Lagares was back on for the 2022 edition and during the whole weekend we captured some of the most unique and scientifically unexplainable hard enduro fails.

Main race on Sunday was easier than usual and it was completed 1 hour earlier than expected but both City Prologue and the Endurocross tracks were tricky as hell. We edited the best of the fails that caught on cameras for you to enjoy and learn. We thank to all fans for the cheer and to the organization for a great show.

Racing weekend was started with Endurocross on Friday and continued with City Prologue on Saturday. Especially having the iconic City Prologue back was exciting even if it was a brief one. After each rider took one lap the fastest 10 qualified for the whole shot. Endurocross semi-finals and the final were in the evening. Main race was on Sunday.

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  1. 这不是比赛,这是玩命,西方世界的这种运动应该考虑运动员完成的可能性,不能伤害运动员的生命和健康。

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  6. Gila ekstrimnya

  7. ''Wow'' What fun this is not. Why woulf you ride a race that destroys your bike and yourself. I just don't get it.

  8. Do those guys even belong in that event ? 😂😂😂😂

  9. I’m assuming there must be some sort of iron clad waiver they must sign before the race.

  10. This course was only designed for only Graham Jarvis to finish

  11. Боже что за дебилизм? 😢

  12. These fellas really know how to wreck a perfectly good motorcycle. Well KTMs anyway…

  13. why join such a hard even when you clearly dont have the skill for it?

  14. i learned from this video, just to throw the bike over the obstacle, and walk around or over it… Just for the crowd!

  15. Это просто суицид какой то.

  16. After a while I think this track would just make a guy just give up.

  17. Gente isso é um crime, não gosto dessa aventura

  18. Science cannot explain..?? Let me explain this for YOU… this tournament is extreme level 😒

  19. is this france? those french create some nasty tracks! challenging even to pros!

  20. Soon one of these guys would be winning romaniacs..keep ridin..keep learnin..

  21. Sorry, but these are some funny sh*t going on😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. колеса это не препятствие, это издевательство

  23. This is so stupid what a bunch of dumb asses.😂😂😂

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