FINAL ROUND: Moto X Best Whip | X Games 2021

Guess who took the top spot in Moto X Freestyle at X Games 2021? Watch and see.

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  1. I think Watanabe should have won…. He had a much more clicked out whip in my opinion.

  2. Parsons whips really don't do it for me, not sure where the gold came from. Watanabe was backwards ffs, easily the best there.

  3. Twitch coming to the booth to save the day 💯🍻

  4. Dude nah Tom Parson did not win that. Judges are fried. Wanky Won that forsure and Axel got 3rd

  5. genki should of won, i dont get it parsons was good but not gold worthy

  6. Wanky, tp. Tell axle oh, when he has nothing better to do. Make it so that I don't have to dodge that ramp for the second one. Good job guys

  7. X games putting on a clinic on how to shoot whips from the worst possible angles…as usual

  8. wanky deserves it, hes hands down got the best whip in the industry.

  9. SO CAL👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Watanabe was sick

  10. It looked like Tom was just doing 360s to me. Genki's looked the most impressive in my opinion. All looked sick though.

  11. Watanabe was robbed. He had the deadliest look back.

  12. Watanabe CLEARLY should have got the gold….

  13. What happened to best trick broadcast?

  14. This is the method of snowboarding, but so much heavier.

  15. Good for Parsons man. Wanky just won best whip at Elsinore.. give some love to the old man guys haha. Parsons whip is so unique 🤙🏻👊🏻

  16. Sometimes it would nice to watch sports without the live commentating.

  17. All you flogs need to realise that tom p goes upside down regular and oppo. If u think that isnt worthy of gold you are just stupid.

  18. brooo what? you’re gonna tell me genki didn’t have the best whips??

  19. Twitch "That was huge" bet he says that alot. 🤣

  20. this was a really good x games 🙂 thannks guys

  21. Wankys whips are good, so are Tyler’s, but Tom definitely won. His runs were clean and whips were unreal.

  22. I remember Stewart vs Carmichael many years ago that was fun man

  23. Anyone else disappointed with the camera work this season?

    I love them using all the options regarding tech, drones, and the cable cam… But too much movement in the recording device minimizes the impact of the trick being performed.

    We see that same effect in F1 too shallow of a camera angle loses the impression of speed.

  24. These videos are best to watch when muted. Sure, ya can't hear the bikes however, not listening to the talking heads just makes it So much better.

  25. The misinformation on 2 strokes continues to grow. The stupidity amazes me every time. Theres absolutely NO reason a 2stroke couldnt be competitive in this event… none. These announcers are garbage lol

  26. Not taking away from anyone bc they all killed it, but I thought watanabe had that in the bag

  27. Watanabe is a beast 💯 he was backwards on first run def shld have won!!!!

  28. My whips on Madskills Motocross 3 are dialed, brahs.

  29. Who sings the Kings for the night song playing during this event

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