FIRST MOTOCROSS VR GAME👀 #motocross #oculus #virtualreality


  1. remove using throttle and brake for flipping and use joystic instead and be able to wheelie by pulling bars to you

  2. Make the throttle Noise slowly decresse back to Idle instead of the Sound cutting away directly

  3. Online and race with other people and new bikes for shure

  4. add a multiplayer race mode, add a customization menu system where you can upgrade your bike parts and color, please read this

  5. Can we have a rode map and can we like customize are skins oh and can you make the rode map multiplayer

  6. Hey i would be really cool if you added a clutch and an ignition switch

  7. 😢 can you please make a demo and I think that there should be a free because I'm broke

  8. Definitely add a clutch feature if possible I think that and 2 strokes

  9. Not a button to accelerate and new dirt bike

  10. Better graphics more track multiplayer more bikes and when you let the throttle go have the sound ease back instead of just cutting the sound off

  11. It should be free because my dad doesn’t feel like getting it and I’m broke

  12. for me it just said free play and when i pressed it it was one map and no new update

  13. Ummm probably have your own custom bike for YOUR own account so lile me account pic is a green gtag gorilla so I would have that colour

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