*First rideout in VR!* | Mx Bikes

I have just recently figured out how to play Mx Bikes in VR. I am just getting used to it so in this rideout i was wheeling but also just looking around and enjoying the fun of playing in VR. This was recorded in the Bikestar dedicated server, make sure to join them for rideouts and more fun.

Map Link: …

Game Link: …

My Discord Server (Custom gear, gloves and more): discord.gg/4V3pm4ysKZ


  1. So how do you use you oculus controllers cause I’m trying and it’s not working I’m using steam vr

  2. Is it free to play because I really want it

  3. awesome clip! I just wish heads could turn properly in VR, so we know who's looking @ who

  4. Also when you play in vr are you using the oculus controller or ps4/Xbox controller??

  5. Still tryna figure out where to get the game on mobile

  6. How did you install mods in MXbikes Vr? I know how it works on normal mxb but not on vr!

  7. so i have a question with the vr controllers can you turn your controller and it will turn the throttle? or do you have to use controller

  8. Do you need a computer to do it? I only have the game but I don’t have a computer to play the game on but I have a oculus quest two and I want to play VR with MX bikes

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