FMX Best Trick | Nitro World Games 2022

The best athletes around the world take on FMX Best Trick at the 2022 Nitro World Games in Brisbane!

Watch the top names such as Josh Sheehan, Harry Bink and Jayo Archer compete to push the progression of FMX by attempting Worlds Firsts to earn title for FMX Freestyle!


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  1. Just to think if it wasn't for Travis Pastrana and Brian Deegan as well as others who put their bodies on the line to make this sport a reality, we wouldn't even be watching this.

  2. Children that play are HAPPY and HEALTHY as it has to be ??? I LOVE YOU ALL – PLEASE LET GO – THANKs

  3. 25:20 someone fell trying to climb the orange barrier while running to the rider

  4. Big difference between landing on these cushy ramps they have now than what Travis pastrana went to dirt! Landing to dirt is the difference between life and death!!!

  5. the fact that he had his shirt off is just….dudes got skill beyond measure

  6. I would be more scared to be in Australia, I didn't take the COVID bull shot, might get locked up in a soccer stadium

  7. lol watching this after so many years and seeing that soft padded landing is so disappointing, totally takes away from the sport

  8. As per usual, Travis Pastrami is “hamming it up” (pun intended) to advertise his investment.

    2006 was mentioned a few time here – when Travis was still relevant in MotoX. He’s done almost nothing but lose at racing since then.

    And yeah – 2 triple backflips unto a soft pad with a perfectly made ramp…

    These don’t count – Josh Sheehan is still the only one to land this successfully in my book.

  9. Prant flip best trick double backflip

  10. So ist besser für jedes Schultern gebrochen Heilen können werden……………………!

  11. I haven't seen people this genuinly happy to win since '93.

  12. Absolutely mind blowing. No one ever thought the sport would go to this level, what's next 😝🤙. Some killer riding from everyone. Congrats JayoAwesome riding Bink crazy Mf 😂 keep killing it.

  13. Und jetzt nach Bachmut….für die Nato Gruppe…..!!!!Weil Waffen können eure Ideologen auch Liefern…!!!!!!!!!🖕

  14. MotoX Triple back flip club, is the most exclusive club of humans there is.

  15. They're both already maybe thinking about attempting the quad backflip.

  16. I was like why is the crowed so small..oh yeah covid…

  17. The dude that Travis said belly flopped, give that man a raise!!!!

  18. I gotta quit watching these before I try to go to sleep. These guys are badass!!!

  19. ((((( YSssss ** Effy One * 👍👍🙏🙏 ))))))

  20. So happy for these guys! Lots of courage! Harry took every scrap of weight off that bike you could! LOL Well done, boys!


  22. What TRAVIS wants TRAVIS gets LMFAO Thanks TRAVIS

  23. If it was not for his (Travis) passion we wouldnt be watching this shit right now. So thanks for the drive bro

  24. guess well be seeing quad backflips in the next decade.

  25. I'm not much of a bike stunt person but two people doing triple backflips at sponkers but their scores definitely pertain that the difficulty of the omg

  26. I did a triple backflip twice once in a dream and then once again in a daydream, those boys are sick that was awesome.

  27. деградация полнейшим ходом (((((
    раньше это всё делал один и за две минуты )))))))) точно уж клоуны !!!

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