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  1. Put more oil in your mix alot of people say theres a perfect blend so it doesnt smoke but if it aint smokin it aint gettin enough lubrication and also you obviously placed it there the plastics and graphics are brand new and youn knew the exact cc and year model and it was cranked first kicked never have i seen a 2stroke crank first kick after sitting for a even a day so obviously you placed it there and switched out the rear shock with one youve used so much its clapped out

  2. he said' oh no not the fresh plastic" how would he know if its fresh plastic

  3. 😅😅😅😅aha perszr meg benzin is van benne.
    Mutassatok már nekem is ilyen helyeket ahol ennyire jo mocit kivágnak

  4. Bro I see the tracks from where you came in on it 😂😂

  5. This guy is full of shit found a working ktm

  6. This is either you’ve planted the bike there for views or that’s someone’s active lot up in the hills and you’ve just stolen someone’s bike and uploaded it to the internet of you doing the crime… stupid 😂

  7. That bike looks better than your gloves. Man it’s so light

  8. Dude even if that was mine I would’ve left it there that back suspension 😂😂

  9. This dude must expect 3 yo kids to watch him

  10. You can tell it's clickbait why else would he have riding boots goggles and gloves

  11. Omg I found a bikeeeee wearing a motor cross suit 😂😂😂

  12. If he keeps doing this one day your bike will get snatched and thats karma for that ass

  13. Some kid comes back and can’t find his bike

  14. There is definitely a whiff of bull shit in the air

  15. Omgg this is so cringe, as if a dirt bike that looks like yours, matches your gear, starts first kick and someone just lets you take it😂😭 you would’ve been shot if that bike wasn’t yours idk who your trying to fool but even a 9 year old knows this is the most viewer hungry cringe I’ve ever seen lmaoo every video on your channel is like this too😂 Get sum help.

  16. Although I know the video is staged and all that ktm rear shocks on the 125 had that problem for a long time they only fixed it in 2016 now they are pretty much the best but

  17. I'm just gonna find a random dirt bike mint condition with full riding gear in the middle of no where with no truck

  18. Magically has riding gear on magically knows its fresh plastic not even dirty btw starts 1st kick so we all knew sum was up plus he stages all his vids LITTERALLY plus scrap yards don't look like that and u gutta pay for stuff

  19. This is bad why is there green under the vid

  20. What about ur electric?😂 this dude😂😂😂

  21. Before the video: he finds a random junkyard and decides to place a dirt bike in the junk yard then goes away from the dirt bike and starts the video

  22. Hahaha, just found it there huh ? Where is the ''electric bike'' your rode there ?

  23. Qestion 1 who's goin to leave a bike in a good of shape laying around and you just ain't goin just goin free bike just sitting anywhere like that sorry brother yubaint fooling no one

  24. Ride it like ya stole it!

  25. imagine if he left it there walked back and started to record and saw someone driving off in a truck with the dirtbike 💀💀💀💀💀💀

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