This video is just for entertainment purposes! If you dont understand my art please dont interact! Thank you

♦️Hope you like it!

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  1. You find bikes everywhere! What a lucky guy! 🤣

  2. Put my bike back you stolen my bike I'm coming to York property and take your stuff including your woman.

  3. Nah I call bullshit 🤣 find a bike starts straight up

  4. Makiman 131❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍🤫Martínez

  5. Hi I work for the dump please return the bike we used it to get a round

  6. When you actually place the bike there then claim that you found it lol this guy 😂😂

  7. “FRAIER” in my language means stupid, probably you think we all are “frayer” and tell us you ve found a perfect running, clean bike..

  8. What are the odds u find a clean running bike and just happen to uave ur gear on u put it rhere were is ur other bike then

  9. It is your bike because you’re wearing everything the same color

  10. He definitely faked it he literally had all his dirt bike gear on😂

  11. Bro a bike in a junkyard that is perfect and very clean totally real ✅

  12. You put that there in one of you're other video's you had that bike in it

  13. Are we gonna ignore the fact that he is somehow perfectly wearing riding gear

  14. you can see the dirt bike tracks when he takes off for the first time lmao

  15. Wow it looks like that guy takes a pair of Dirtbiking goggles every where he goes lol I see it in the shadow as he walks up to the dirt bike that he put there for the video to get Views

  16. does this guy know thats not a junk yard its someones farm yard

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