This video is just for entertainment purposes! If you dont understand my art please dont interact! Thank you

♦️Hope you like it!

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  1. What gives it sway is him having his helmet on 😭

  2. Ay yoooo!!! This the same dude I talked to on the phone the other night when I had an issue with my internet service….!!! Or wait…. maybe it was when I got that spam call telling me I just won a brand newly used dirtbike…??? Damnit Mr. Rasheeem Achmed I'm still waiting….!? Prolly shouldn't of gave him my credit card and social security # now that I think about it.

  3. Can’t you actually make anything original instead of clickbait dog turd videos. 😳 like seriously

  4. Jesus died and saved souls🎉 ask em in your heart and you shall be saved you got to believe

  5. Just happen to be wearing a helmet 🤣

  6. I found a motorcycle dumped at Harley world but I noticed the owner was still sat on it

  7. Alessio ❤❤❤❤😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😮😮

  8. People like you should not be allowed to make content 🤷🏻

  9. Sorry I'm calling bs on this dish cloth.

  10. More bs youtube….. either he just stole a bike, parked his bike which was already warm by the way or barrowed someones elses bike either way no way this was a real find. More like he needed some content and said hey let me park this think and walk up to it real quick like and say I just found it.

  11. how does it start with one kick and where is the blue smock

  12. So full of shit…………… Not even close to real.

  13. Hey you found my bike I've been looking for it for a while now

  14. Why is there so much hate i respect whAT HE DOES

  15. Don’t you notice that the number on his pants is the same number on the dirtbike 😂

  16. When he takes it out off his spot he’s saying not the plastics meaning he’s just put fresh plastics on it

  17. just automaticly knows the exact make of the bike and found a key wow!!!

  18. It's funny that where's your electric bike you say you were on 🤔 did you swap it for the bike 🚲 stop taking shit 💩 it's your motor bike the things people do for likes 🙄.

  19. Hey buddie that’s my bike and house why are u assuming that I threw it away ?

  20. The fact we just watched him choose what to steal lol obviously someone owns the land and kept it there lol. Straight thief bro. But who knows I guess hopefully it was junk…

  21. Yea we’re just gonna act like that wasn’t planted there.

  22. You know it would have took several kick’s too start 😂😂

  23. You already have a bike so give me that 👀

  24. So u just decided to wear your helmet that day

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