Free dirt bike games

What is the best way to have fun online without being charged for that? The answer is free dirt bike games! There’s a great variety of them out there, so you can definitely find one to your liking.

Free dirt bike games


Nowadays, extreme games where you ride a bike are highly diverse. They range from simple cartoon-themed hill climbing to beautiful 3D simulators. You can choose any background you prefer: a desert, a forest, something abstract, etc. The most classic options include bike ramps and some kind of nature behind the character. Also, the streets of a crowded city or a highway are popular options. Race to the finish line in Smash Karts – the ultimate kart racing game at

Apart from that, these games vary in the types of hindrances they provide a player. They can be mountains, trees, jumping platforms, or even moving parts coming out of the earth. Thanks to that, you can pick the game that suits your level of skills. Obviously, it’s easier to deal with stable obstacles that don’t move in the air.

How to play free dirt bike games

Managing them is extremely simple. Use the arrow keys or the mouse button to move forward and jump when necessary. For tablets, as well as smartphones, simply touch the screen to activate the biker.

In order to achieve better results, set a goal for each round. For example, to obtain a certain level or any other reward. It will motivate you to show your best and increase your skills.


Free dirt bike games are an amazing source of fun. Get some adrenaline without risking your health. As long as you have your device on you, it’s easily available at any time.