Funny Dirt Bike CRASHES and FAILS 2021

Please enjoy watching the misfortune of me and my friends on our dirt bikes. Here is a funny mix of our crashes and fails. If any of the clips made you laugh, please leave us a “Like” 😁

4K Camera I use —
Chin Mount I use to mount camera —
LECTRON Fuel Systems –
Handguards I use — ​​
FMF Exhaust on my 150SX — ​​
Orange KTM Bar Pad — ​​

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2019 KTM 125 / 150 SX
2018 Suzuki RMZ450
2015 Husqvarna FC450
2015 Kawasaki KX85
2015 Suzuki RMZ250
2021 Yamaha YZ450F
2021 Honda CRF250R
1997 Yamaha YZ125


  1. Have you ever shifted into neutral while riding the 2stroke or the 4stroke

  2. pov that one crash when his crush is waching

  3. is it ok If I use one of these clips for a small segment in my video? I'll credit you guys and link this video in my description too

  4. Why is this guy breaking at every face of the jump 😂😂

  5. Dude who ever that guy is on the ktm hitting the breaks on the face of a jump is an absolute moron like when should I he er hit the breaks on the face of a jump unless ur tryna roll it and if u r tryna roll the jump u come up to it slower. That dude should sell his bike and never think about buying a new one.

  6. I feel bad for laughing, but the edits he ads make it very hard not to laugh..

  7. I want to hit the track now. btw if you didnt know, tap the brake when you overthrottle

  8. 🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍👨🏼‍🔧👨🏼‍🔧👨🏼‍🔧👨🏼‍🔧

  9. Laughing with you buddy not at you 🤣🤣. Have a great New Year ✌️

  10. The editing is great 👌 these tracks and places you are riding look sick. I want to ride some tracks, We just have 150 acres of trails in central Ohio we own. We built some sick hill climbs though.

  11. sorry to tell u man but i think u should sell that ktm 😂

  12. Crashing like this on a bike almost mostly equals little to no pain. But a four-wheeler MIGHT be a different story

  13. That was one of the funniest videos I think I’ve ever seen

    Your editing is awesome just what you put in and where you put it in is so funny

  14. “Let’s see how much better we can do today.”
    * immediately crashes.*

  15. just a quick question . can someone please tell me where to bye a dirt bike for 15 year olds?

  16. bros hows this funny they can get so hurt like wtf

  17. hate and love situation on the ktm dirt bike

  18. As much as you guys ride in sand I'm surprised to see you hugging the tank so much. Gotta keep that front light.

  19. holy shit the one at 2:15 caught me so off guard hahaha hope you didn't get hurt mate

  20. “I think I got a better feel for the bike” immediately lays it down

  21. jeez im getting a electric dirt bike, might have too record if i fail on my dirt bike i could send it too you, i like making people laugh anyways

  22. I love how they are like you can’t case it. 😂

  23. Damn man if only u committed you could’ve hit it u didn’t have too much speed

  24. these are actually the funniest videos. This had me laughing so hard. Keeping up the good work and keep crashing!! We need more of this content!!

  25. Love ur edits. Also they were some narly crashes

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