Funny Dirt Bike FAILS and CRASHES 2022

I hope you enjoy watching the misfortune of me and my friends on our dirt bikes from the past year Here is a funny mix of our fails, crashes, and funny moments. If any of the clips made you laugh, please leave us a “Like” 😁

Special thanks to all my friends for crashing just to be in the video 🤣
@mxoudi Oudi
@Prauspect Taylor Mills
@shortty7618 Patrick Shortt
@Moto_Mullarkey Alysse Mullarkey
@jimfranks6895 Jim Franks
@AlanBlumling Alan Blumling
Dawson Woods @dawsonwoods
Jon Jones @jonmj11.2
Alex Ballestero @alexballestero_118
Michael Lacore @mlacore33
Evan Stark @moto_vids6756
Grayson Compton @graysoncomptonn

Stuff I use to make videos:
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Helmet Mount for GoPro —
Chin Mount for GoPro —
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  1. 2:24

  2. i got to say this is the first thing that popped up on my YouTube didn't disappoint

  3. Gotta work on not turning your bars and just to lean. Before jumping you should get the basic body positioning too. I understand just sending it but if Youre riding at tracks you should learn positioning. You can also hurt people youre riding with doing that…

  4. yall have an obsession wuth trees or something?

  5. At like two minutes the guy jumping really gotta shift gears stg

  6. Learned to ride a dirtbike yesterday, my first time riding i i just rammed right into a car within 3 seconds

  7. The way he coght the person who fell backwards has me laughing

  8. i have never understood the appeal of going fast around dense trees

  9. Whats more dangerous cars or drit bikes

  10. Whats more dangerous cars or motorbikes

  11. 3:06 There was a quarter on the ground, I was just looking for it. 😂

  12. 8:05 🤣 no sir you most definitely didn't clear that 1. , your face ok?! 🤣🤣… I do that all the time at the track.

  13. i love how u share ur crashes with us * iswear bro u made my day thank u for every thing *

  14. Hi Derek! Would it be possible to test a Welsh 190cc beast pitbike on an Mx track?

  15. Chick needs to try when she gives up and dumps the bike. Dude saved her from a head injury because she was a wet noodle.

  16. The little kid hitting jumps is a goat for keeping that bike up

  17. Hey bro, I love ur videos. Keep it up!!!😊

  18. @Tch3freerider wassup Evan, how have been doing. I been doing good. I wondering do you have TikTok by any chance

  19. Great video, wish I had a spot like that around me to play at.

  20. all the 2 strokes are the best all the 4 strokes are the worst they are so slow

  21. hey what state are you in im in the usa ohio

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