Today Colbe and I did a game of bike! but not any normal game we added an insane twist / challenge! let us know if you would like to see more games like this!!

Real Life Riding Channel – @norriscreationsirl8746

Zombies Channel – @norriszombies4878

Colbe – @motonolbs

Discord –


  1. What is the name of the pitbike mod?I cant find it.

  2. can I get a link to the track haven't seen this one before, but it looks sick

  3. can i have the link to the paint for 110 in the thumbnail

  4. d1 of asking for a game of bike on the 1000cc bike

  5. Dude this is so much fun with the bikes you need to do this more

  6. Run the counter sprocket at 16 and you can change the individual gears even longer starting at 6th, if you get it right those bike will do 100 in 2nd gear and freakin rip bro. I used to be a pro hillclimber and i have them dialed.

  7. how do you record your game play to make the videos?

  8. also are you gonna try and make it to lorretas this year in irl?

  9. Bro, held it pinned into that hill climb😂

  10. Hi what is this track called and where can i find it?

  11. Day 9 of asking for full krakenberg run in vr🤣 i think im correct with the day??
    This is a fun twist to the game of bike videos would love to see more!

  12. hey buddy where can i find the bike i already searched on the mx bike site but unfortunately i didn't find anything could you do a tutorial that would be nice

  13. whats the map i got the game a few days ago cause of u and the map looks fun

  14. Whats that game called and what console can you get it on

  15. Alright bruh.. damn bruh… omg bruh.. bruh dude.. shitttt bruuuuhhhhh

  16. Can Someone Send me the link Form the map in my comment ? Pls

  17. are you gay bro and I have a 1000! hp hill clime bike

  18. The quads were working like a dirt bike, The wheels weren’t working😂

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